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Cheese in Storage

Date: 1952
Description: Cheesemaker standing on ladder putting cheese on storage shelf, along with rows of other cheeses.

Union Transfer Fireproof Storage and other Businesses

Date: September 17 1931
Description: View down East Wilson Street from the corner of King Street. The Union Transfer Building is on the right hand side at 155-303 East Wilson Street, Rubin's F...

IHC Milwaukee Works Engine Assembly and Storage Warehouse

Date: 1916
Description: Stationary engines inside a warehouse at International Harvester's Milwaukee Works. The factory was owned by the Milwaukee Harvester Company before 1902.

Information Filing and Storage

Date: April 17 1964
Description: A clerk checks real estate property information in a vast filing system housed in a vault.

Large Animal Sculptures

Date: May 31 1965
Description: A row of sculptured horses and a cow's head at the Creative Display Company, currently known as the FAST Corporation.

Tractor-Truck at Mautz Paint Co.

Date: January 20 1939
Description: Men loading cases of paint into tractor-truck at Mautz Paint Co., 939 E. Washington Avenue.

Fauerbach Brewing Co. Buildings

Date: April 01 1938
Description: Two men standing against a wall, behind the Fauerbach Brewing Co. Railroad tracks are in the foreground, and Lake Monona is in the background.

Allied Van Lines Truck

Date: October 19 1936
Description: Allied Van Lines truck in front of Whalen Transfer Co., 605 University Avenue.

Whalen Transfer and Storage Building

Date: September 26 1935
Description: Whalen Transfer and Storage building, 605 University Avenue, with a company truck/trailer parked in front. Also seen is Kapec Furniture Co., 607 University...

Kroger Produce Warehouse

Date: August 07 1934
Description: Interior of produce warehouse, Kroger Grocery and Baking Company, 634 West Washington Avenue, with sacks of sugar and a large Fairbanks scale.

Kroger Produce Warehouse

Date: August 07 1934
Description: Kroger Grocery and Baking Co. Headquarters and produce warehouse, 634 West Washington Avenue.

Kroger Warehouse Railroad Siding and Loading Dock

Date: August 07 1934
Description: Kroger Grocery and Baking Company produce warehouse, 634 West Washington Avenue, view of the railroad siding and loading dock.

Fur Storage Vault

Date: March 18 1933
Description: Kessnich's Department Store fur storage vault, 201-203 State Street.

Stolen Cigarettes at Simon Brothers Warehouse

Date: March 16 1932
Description: Cases of cigarettes recovered from a robbery were returned to the Simon Brothers Warehouse, 901 E. Washington Avenue.

Ellefson Lumber Company

Date: May 16 1929
Description: Ellefson Lumber Co. store and supply building, located at 2016 Winnebago Street.

Union Transfer and Storage Company

Date: June 09 1931
Description: Union Transfer and Storage Company located at 155-303 East Wilson Street. Store fronts include Holland Furnace Co., Madison Paint and Varnish Co., Lipman S...

Texaco Bulk Station

Date: July 11 1930
Description: View of a Texaco bulk station and storage tanks from across the railroad tracks at 919 E. Main Street.

Construction of Pyrofax Plant

Date: October 09 1929
Description: A Chicago & North Western Railroad Bucyrus crane installing a large tank at a Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Company Pyrofax plant, at 130 Fair Oaks Avenue.

The Texas Company U.S.A.

Date: August 06 1929
Description: Texas Company U.S.A. (Texaco) office building and storage tanks bulk plant, 919 E. Main Street. Text on print reads: "Texas Company, Capitol Oil Co."

Capitol Oil Company

Date: April 03 1929
Description: A railroad tanker car is sitting on tracks next to fuel storage tanks at the Capitol Oil Company, 919 East Main Street.

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