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Men in Front of Saloon

Description: Bartender and six patrons posing in front of a saloon. The saloon sign reads: "Celebrated Watertown Lager Beer."

Hausmann Brewery Bar

Date: 1895
Description: Interior view of the Hausmann Brewery Bar with spittoons on the floor. A sign behind the bar reads: "No intoxicating drinks sold to minors." Patrons and ba...

The Union House Tavern

Date: 1900
Description: The Union House Tavern, known as Schulkamp's Corner Saloon, 2601 East Washington Avenue at Milwaukee Street. A group of men are standing on the porch holdi...

Spring Tavern

Date: 1920
Description: The Spring Tavern on the way to Verona.

Mrs. Roseline Peck

Date: 1874
Description: Waist-up portrait of Mrs. Roseline Peck, born 1808 - died 1898, the first white woman in Madison, Wisconsin. She was the wife of the first tavern keeper, E...

Bessie Gordon at Organ

Date: August 13 1941
Description: View across counter towards Bessie Gordon sitting at the organ.

Bessie Gordon at Organ

Date: August 13 1941
Description: Side view of Bessie Gordon sitting at the organ.

Buckhorn Tavern

Date: 1949
Description: Customers sitting at the bar in the Buckhorn Tavern. There are five mounted deerheads above the bar. The bartender is standing behind the bar.

Patrons and Bartender at Chet's Tavern

Date: 1941
Description: Two patrons and bartender at Chet's tavern. The bartender is pulling bottles of Schlitz beer out of an International No. 4 De Luxe dry type beverage cooler...

Joe's Place

Date: May 20 1931
Description: Interior of Joe's Place with bartender, possibly Joseph Puccio. The bar was located at 786 W. Washington Avenue in what was known as the Greenbush neighbor...

Stone Front Tavern

Date: October 14 1933
Description: Two men and woman behind the bar at DiMartino's "Stone Front" Tavern. The bar was located at 533 Regent Street in the Greenbush neighborhood, and was owned...

Dewey's Victory Arch

Date: 1898
Description: Wisconsin Semi-Centennial ceremonial archway erected at State and Mifflin Streets to celebrate Admiral George Dewey's victory over the Spanish fleet at Man...

Corcoran's Tavern Roma Wine Display Window

Date: March 17 1946
Description: Display window at Cocoran's Tavern, 2605 University Avenue, featuring rabbits holding bottles of Roma wine "for your Easter dinner."

Club Royal Tavern & Young's Cafe

Date: October 04 1945
Description: Exterior view of a building shared by the Club Royal Tavern and Young's Cafe at 122-124 East Washington Avenue.

Club Royal

Date: October 06 1944
Description: Club Royal Tavern, 122 East Washington Avenue, exterior view showing Schlitz Beer sign.

Arian's Tavern

Date: October 06 1944
Description: Arian's Tavern, 2517 University Avenue. The windows have Venetian blinds, and a Schlitz beer neon sign. At the corner of the building on the right is a "We...

Stan Cutler's Bar X Tavern

Date: August 25 1941
Description: Stan Cutler's Bar X Tavern interior, 123 East Main Street, the bar and booths have a Western theme.

Dutch Tavern

Date: April 01 1941
Description: Interior of Dutch Tavern, back bar, 121 North Blount Street.

Laurel Tavern Window Display

Date: March 03 1940
Description: Display window of Paul Jones liquor and Blatz Beer neon sign at the Laurel Tavern, located at 2505 Monroe Street.

Intersection of University and Grand Avenues

Date: October 19 1939
Description: Looking west on University Avenue toward the intersection with Grand Avenue. The Atkinson/Williams Standard Oil Service station, 2601 University Avenue an...

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