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Farmall Cub Pulling Movie Advertisement

Date: 1947
Description: Two people driving a Farmall Cub through an urban area. They are towing a wagon with movie advertisement, announcing "The Farmer's Daughter," starring Lore...

Sinaiko Hay, Flour and Feed

Date: July 24 1933
Description: A man in a car poses in front of A. Sinaiko Hay, Flour and Feed at 653 West Washington Avenue.

Cigarette Sales

Date: June 1981
Description: Winnebago Enterprises trailer, advertising drive-up cigarette sales.

International Travelall Advertising Poster

Date: 1970
Description: Advertising poster for the International Travelall truck. Features a color photograph of two people in a Travelall pulling two campers and a boat. Includes...

Tractor and Plow Being Towed

Date: March 1935
Description: A tractor and plow on a trailer is being towed by a truck.

Woman Doing Laundry Outdoors

Date: July 07 1963
Description: Jehovah's Witnesses assembly camper doing laundry.

Picnic with International Scout II Pickup and Camper

Date: 1972
Description: Color advertising photograph of men and women preparing for a picnic at a camp site with an International Scout II pickup and camper parked in the backgrou...

1977 Scout Traveler with Terry Camper in the Mountains

Date: 1977
Description: Color advertising photograph of a 1977 International Scout Traveler pickup with Terry camper set against a mountainous backdrop.

Farmall Super C Tractor on a Trailer

Date: 1951
Description: Slightly elevated view of two men talking next to a trailer loaded with a Farmall Super C tractor, possibly at International Harvester's experimental farm...

Family Camping Trip

Date: September 06 1988
Description: Family members gather around a campfire to enjoy biscuits and sausages cooked on the grill at Naga-Waukee Park.

Two Women Near Campers

Date: April 07 1968
Description: Two women in bikinis are walking their dogs by a row of campers at Terry Andrae State Park.

Visitors Inside IHC Diesel Engine Exhibit Trailer

Date: May 25 1938
Description: Visitors examining machinery displays in International Harvester's touring diesel engine exhibit.

Democratic Headquarters on Wheels

Date: October 1972
Description: A camping trailer serves as the Monroe County, Wisconsin Democratic party and McGovern campaign headquarters during the 1972 presidential race.

Forest Milk Company Truck

Date: August 06 1945
Description: Forest Milk Company truck and trailer, showing rear and right side.

Caterpillar Diesel Electric Engines

Date: June 09 1944
Description: Two Caterpillar diesel electric engines Set 17-85 S on the back of a trailer truck parked in front of Nagle-Hart Tractor and Equipment Company, 754 East Wa...

Caterpillar Diesel Electric Engines

Date: May 09 1944
Description: Two Caterpillar diesel electric engines Set 17-85 S on the back of a trailer truck parked in front of Nagle-Hart Tractor and Equipment Company, 754 East Wa...

Truck for Speed Queen Appliances

Date: January 04 1943
Description: Semi-trailer truck with lettering on the side: "Speed Queen Washers Ironers, Barlow & Seelig Mfg. Co., Ripon, Wis." There are storage tanks in the backgrou...

Kroger's Semi Trailer Truck

Date: December 28 1940
Description: View towards a man sitting in the driver's seat of a Kroger Grocery & Baking Company semi trailer truck. There is a Clock bread sign on the side.

Skelgas Trailer

Date: September 25 1938
Description: Skelgas trailer, with two gas tanks being pulled by an automobile, stopped in front of Suburban Gas & Appliance Co., 1923 Monroe Street.

Skelgas Trailer

Date: September 28 1938
Description: Three-quarter view from left rear of a Skelgas trailer, showing two gas tanks, being pulled by an automobile, parked in front of Suburban Gas & Appliance C...

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