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Tire Factory Interior

Date: 1919
Description: Elevated interior view of the Boone Tire Factory. Men are lined up along a wall with open windows. They are each using a stand to hold a wheel while wrappi...

Kleinstueber Machine Shop

Description: Elevated view of Kleinstueber's Machine Shop, where Christopher Latham Sholes perfected his typewriter. The sign on the top of the building reads: "Brass F...

Weighing Guests

Date: 1898
Description: Group of people on the front porch, weighing the guests. A visit was considered successful if the guests weighed more when they left.

Pond House

Description: View from street of exterior of Pond House.

Interior of Pond House

Date: 1920
Description: Interior view of home, perhaps taken through an open window. The sash and sill are in the foreground. A woman is sitting on the piano bench in front of a g...

Mendota Beach School Classroom

Date: 1922
Description: View from front of classroom of children sitting at desks at the Mendota Beach School.

J.A. Taylor Steamer #1

Date: 1905
Description: Fire department steamer #1 fire engine, named after hotel proprietor J.A. Taylor.

Security State Bank Lobby

Date: March 26 1927
Description: Lobby of the Security State Bank, with depositors waiting in line at teller's windows.

Barman — Dan

Date: 1932
Description: Dan bartending at Bill's Bar.

Announcer Del Viney Inside WVLR Studio

Date: 1965
Description: Radio announcer Del Viney on the air inside Wisconsin's Very Live Radio (WVLR) station during the dinner music show. Caption reads: "Dinner Music Show is a...

Hollywood Beach Hotel

Description: Exterior of the Hollywood Beach Hotel in Hollywood, Florida with seven men on the stairs and in the foreground. The hotel exterior features ornate columns...

Testing Spring Teeth at Osborne Works

Date: March 18 1913
Description: Factory workers testing newly manufactured harrow spring teeth at International Harvester's Osborne Works. The factory was owned by the D.M. Osborne Compan...

Friedrich Holdmann on Horseback

Description: Friedrich Holdmann of the Second Wisconsin Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War, astride his horse. Buildings are in the background.

The Grill Room

Date: May 08 1964
Description: A waitress sets restaurant tables in anticipation of evening business.


Date: March 18 1963
Description: Four generations are represented in this photograph of a newborn baby with his mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

Beauty Class

Date: 1927
Description: A beauty culture class in session.

Metal Finishing Room at McCormick Reaper Works

Date: 1900
Description: Workers in the metal finishing room at the McCormick Reaper Works. In 1902 the factory became part of the International Harvester Company.

Window Washer

Date: May 14 1989
Description: A man leans out a window to clean the outside glass.

Cross Plains Ice Cream Parlor

Date: 1910
Description: Exterior of ice cream parlor with a horse-drawn wagon parked on the right, behind it sheds can be seen. Barrels are stacked on the porch. Signs read, "Ice...

Keyhole Window

Date: May 15 1960
Description: Exterior of a house with a keyhole shaped window.

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