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Wehmhoff Effigy Mound

Date: June 27 1927
Description: Aerial view of the effigy mound on Henry Wehmhoff's Riverview Farm. State Trunk Highway 83 runs through the effigy.

Linear Mounds

Date: August 1905
Description: A visitor takes in the sight of three linear burial mounds at the Sure-Johnson mound group south of McFarland, Wisconsin.

Eben and Roseline Peck Cabin

Date: 1893
Description: Back of painting reads: "Madison in June 1837 after photo taken by E.E. Bailey" and "Peck's cabin by Dengel." The Eben Peck cabin was the first house built...

Studio Portrait of Alex Lonetree and his Wife

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of Alex Lonetree, sitting and his wife, standing. They came to live with the Winnebagos after the last remov...

Lake Superior area

Date: 1852
Description: Illustration of four Indians on Madeline Island with canoe in water on the shore.

Unidentified Man Dancing

Description: An unidentified man dancing for a group of onlookers in Black River Falls during the 1908 Homecoming Celebration. He is wearing a Sioux-style eagle feather...

Fort Howard dans La Grand Baie Verte (Ouisconsin)

Date: 1842
Description: This hand-colored lithograph of the second Fort Howard, with Indians canoeing on the Fox River, shows the hospital built 1834-1835 outside the stockade on...

Eben and Roseline Peck Cabin

Date: June 1837
Description: Lithograph based on a painting by Mrs. E.E. Bailey showing the Peck cabin, the first house in Madison. In addition to the cabin, the lithograph includes a...

Chief Oshkosh

Date: 1850
Description: Drawing of Chief Oshkosh rendered from a daguerreotype by J.F. Harrison. He is wearing a top hat wrapped with a ribbon. Also a suitcoat, bowtie, beaded nec...

Winnebago Camp — Old Monegar

Description: View of the Winnebago camp Old Monegar at Morrison Creek Bottoms. A man wearing a hat, and a black and white dog, are walking in front of the living shelte...

Killing of Registre Gagnier

Date: 1940
Description: Photograph of a painting by Cal Peters depicting the Winnebago attack on the Gagnier homestead in 1827 and the killing of Registre Gagnier. The homestead...

General Atkinson's Victory over Black Hawk

Date: 1845
Description: Engraving depicting the defeat of Black Hawk by General Henry Atkinson at the Battle of Bad Axe on August 2, 1832. The engraving depicts Federal Regulars a...

Ho-Chunk Men Playing Wah-koo-chad-ah

Description: Six Ho-Chunk men are standing and kneeling around a blanket playing Wah-koo-chad-ah (Moccasin), a favorite game. A typical dwelling (chipoteke) is in the b...

Intaglio Effigy

Date: 1905
Description: View of an Indian intaglio effigy, the only one still in existence in Wisconsin. The effigy is in the shape of a panther. There is a car on the road in the...

Blackhawk's Hiding Place

Description: Adams and Juneau Counties; tree where Blackhawk hid before capture.

Spoon Decorah

Date: 1887
Description: Studio portrait of prominent Winnebago man Spoon-de-Kaury, or Spoon Decorah. He is seated, holding a walking cane.

Red Cliff Reservation Cemetery

Description: Man posing by a gate in the Red Cliff Indian Reservation cemetery.

Ernest Oshkosh

Date: 1925
Description: A portrait of a descendant of Chief Oshkosh, probably Ernest Oshkosh, with one foot in a traditional canoe. This image is part of an exhibit about Native A...

Charlie Duchmann

Date: 1922
Description: Charlie Duchmann, a Menominee, photographed in 1922. This image is part of an exhibit about Native Americans prepared by Paul Vanderbilt, the Wisconsin Hi...

Menominee Child

Date: 1909
Description: A Menominee child, probably photographed on the reservation near Kenasha and Neopit, Wisconsin. He is standing outside in front of a log cabin, and an axe...

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