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IH Refrigeration Takes Broad New Strides

Date: January 1947
Description: Cover of International Harvester World magazine showing a woman standing next to an International Harvester freezer. International Harvester also ma...
Magazine or Periodical

United Mine Workers Journal

Date: August 03 1916
Description: United Mine Workers Journal of Indianapolis, Indiana, with illustration of a skeleton with a scythe. The caption reads: "After two years--who wants me?"
Magazine or Periodical

International Harvester Logo with Corn Stalk

Date: January 1910
Description: Back cover of "Harvester World" magazine. Features the International Harvester logo composed of wheat and corn stalks.
Magazine or Periodical

"Opportunity: Journal of Negro Life" Cover Art

Date: July 1926
Description: Front cover of "Opportunity: Journal of Negro Life" showing an illustration of a woman in an evening dress with her cheek resting on her shoulder, and peop...
Magazine or Periodical

International Trail Magazine Cover of Gatti Expedition

Date: July 1938
Description: Front cover of International Trail magazine featuring images of the expedition of Attilio Gatti to the Belgian Congo in Africa. Includes a color ill...
Magazine or Periodical

International Trail Magazine Cover

Date: January 1938
Description: Front cover of International Trail magazine featuring color illustration of International truck in Havana, Cuba. The cover was designed by Havana ar...
Magazine or Periodical

International Trail Magazine Cover

Date: April 1937
Description: Front cover of International Trail magazine featuring a color illustration of a heavy-duty truck.
Magazine or Periodical

International Trail Magazine Cover

Date: January 1929
Description: Front cover of International Trail magazine featuring an overhead view of city skyscrapers and downtown streets.
Magazine or Periodical

Leo Kehl on The American Dancer Cover

Date: August 1937
Description: Cover of The American Dancer magazine featuring Leo Kehl, head of the Kehl School of Dance and Genevieve Esse Kehl.
Magazine or Periodical

Memphis Fire Department Floodlight Truck on International Trail Cover

Date: June 1935
Description: Cover of International Trail magazine featuring an International C-40 truck owned by the Memphis fire department and equipped with floodlights. Lieu...
Magazine or Periodical

Pictorial Map of Australia

Date: 1938
Description: A colorful pictorial map of Australia, featured on the front and back cover of a special Australian edition of International Trail.
Magazine or Periodical

Evansville Works Home Economics Kitchen in "International Harvester World"

Date: February 1948
Description: Cover of "International Harvester World" magazine, with an image of three women in the home economics model kitchen at International Harvester's Evansville...
Magazine or Periodical

National Vehicle Magazine

Date: March 15 1908
Description: Cover of the National Vehicle magazine with the slogan "Everything on Wheels".
Magazine or Periodical

State Fair Horse Show

Date: July 20 1942
Description: Red, white and blue cover of Volume 3, Number 2 of the "Wisconsin Horseman" magazine advertising the horse show at the Wisconsin State Fair.
Magazine or Periodical

Harvester World Magazine - First Issue

Date: October 1909
Description: Cover of the first issue of Harvester World magazine. Harvester World was a company magazine published by the International Harvester Company...
Magazine or Periodical

"La Follette's Magazine" Memorial Edition

Date: July 1925
Description: Front page of "La Follette's Magazine" Memorial Edition remembering the life and work of Robert M. La Follette, Sr. This magazine later became the Progres...
Magazine or Periodical

Dane County Courthouse

Date: March 27 1869
Description: Dane County Courthouse.
Magazine or Periodical

Jefferson Liberal Institute

Date: 1869
Description: Cover of Billed-Magazin. featuring an engraved view of The Jefferson Liberal Institute.
Magazine or Periodical

"St. Nicholas" Magazine Christmas Cover

Date: 1883
Description: Christmas issue of "St. Nicholas" magazine, the most studied children's periodical of the 19th century, which was published by Mary Mapes Dodge. This cove...
Magazine or Periodical

Case Centennial Advertisement

Date: 1942
Description: Magazine advertisement celebrating the centennial of J.I. Case Co. of Racine, Wisconsin. The advertisement features a photograph of a contemporary tractor...

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