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Star Lake

Date: 1900
Description: Star Lake, Arbor Vitae Township, with the railroad tracks of Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway on right and lake on the left.

Star Lake and Road

Date: 1948
Description: Outdoor view looking down a road towards several buildings and a lake.

Railroad Station

Date: 1900
Description: Exterior view of a railroad station and a Western Union telegraph office.
Map or Atlas

Star Lake Country, Northern Wisconsin

Date: 1909
Description: This 1909 map of northern Wisconsin and a portion of Michigan's Upper Peninsula shows the Lac du Flambeau Indian Reservation, cities and villages, railroad...

Logging Train

Date: 1890
Description: View across stacks of logs towards a group of men posing near or on a logging train. There are two teams of oxen near the stacked logs, and snow is on the...

Star Lake Forest

Date: 1946
Description: A man on the left, leaning against a tree, appears to be addressing a large group of other men facing him. There is a large decaying tree stump in the fore...

Camping on Star Lake

Date: 1967
Description: View down slope towards a green tent pitched on a hill overlooking Star Lake. A man is cooking on a grill near the tent.

Telephone Linemen

Date: 1935
Description: A man with a hammer is working at the top of a telephone pole as a second man is watching from the ground. There is a third man near a man on another pole...

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