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Bronzeville All-Star Bowling Team

Date: June 1946
Description: In the Money: The Bronzeville All-Star Bowling Team which finished in the money in the recent Wisconsin state CIO-sponsored bowling tournament.

Bronzeville Bombers Bowling Team

Date: April 05 1947
Description: Bronzeville Bombers just after coming through with a score of 2690, putting them in tenth place in the state CIO tournament on April 5. The five men are a...

Isaiah Pyant Bowling

Date: 1946
Description: Isaiah Pyant bowling.

Cushions Bowling Team

Date: December 03 1946
Description: Already assured of the UAW Local 75 Bowling league title is the Cushions line-up shown here. The sockers have lost only four games in 54 to date in the st...

UAW Local 75 Bowler

Date: December 03 1946
Description: Eddie Wojciechowski, a member of the Cushions, the championship team of the United Automobile Workers Local 75.

UAW Local 75 Women's Bowling Team

Date: February 1947
Description: Bowling team composed of members of Local 75, United Automobile Workers (Seaman Body Company. Left to right: Myrtle Rohloff, Hilda Lange, Tillie Stowasser...

Charmany Dairy Women Bowlers

Date: February 21 1934
Description: Five Charmany Dairy women bowlers, holding bowling balls at the Madison Alleys, 121 N. Fairchild. They were winners of second place in class B at the Wisco...

Bowling Alley

Description: Four lane bowling alley built and operated by F.W. Kehl in the basement of his dance studio at 113-115 East Mifflin Street. F.W. Kehl and all his sons had...

Charles J. Allen

Date: December 27 1945
Description: Portrait of Charles J. Allen, president of the Madison Bowling Association. Mr. Allen was a barber by trade and a co-partner in a radio and appliance stor...

Bowling Tournament Winners

Date: February 04 1947
Description: Group portrait of individuals and members of the Bowman Dairy team, winners in the Annual Women's City Bowling tournament. Front row seated, l to r: Bert...

Kiwanis State Bowling Tournament

Date: March 01 1947
Description: Thirteen members of Kiwanis at the State Bowling Tournament, eating and drinking beer at a table.

Elks National Bowling Tournament

Date: March 15 1947
Description: Officials of the Elks Bowling Association of America. Left to right: William C. Conway, president of the Elks National Convention; John J. Gray, National s...

Health and Safety Poster on Athletic Clubs

Date: 1916
Description: Poster or signboard titled "Athletic Clubs - Work and Play Develop the Right Kind of Men." Images on the poster show International Harvester employees on t...

Elks National Bowling Tournament, Detroit Bowling Team

Date: March 30 1947
Description: Pictured are members of the Stroh's Bohemian Beers Detroit bowling team, leaders in the Elks National Bowling Tournament. Left to right: Len Detloff, Charl...

Women's Bowling Team

Date: April 15 1947
Description: Group portrait of the J.J. Smith Jewelers team, who set the pace in Class A of the women's state bowling tournament at Sheboygan. Left to right: Betty Tre...

Wisconsin State Capitol Bowling League

Date: 1916
Description: Group portrait of the State Capitol Bowling League for 1916 and 1917.

Group of Men Posing with Bowling Balls

Date: 1920
Description: Men, possibly International Harvester employees, pose for a portrait with bowling balls and pins.

University of Wisconsin Faculty Bowling

Date: November 12 1947
Description: Five women at Lathrop Hall, 1016 University Avenue, participating in the recreation program for faculty and clerical staff at the University of Wisconsin-M...

The "Tractors" Bowling Team

Date: 1926
Description: Five men stand behind a bowling ball and pin display for a portrait. The men are members of the "Tractors" bowling team, Harvester Club Bowling League cham...

Madison City Bowling 1947 Champions

Date: January 30 1948
Description: Group portrait of Bank of Madison bowling team, winners of the 1947 Madison bowling championship. Standing left to right: Sam Parisi, Auby Ehrman, Frank Go...

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