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Vince Lombardi at the Pro Football Writers Dinner

Date: February 10 1969
Description: Green Bay Packers football coach, Vince Lombardi, being interviewed at the professional football writers dinner.

Dickey Chapelle Covering Operation Inland Seas

Date: July 1959
Description: Dickey Chapelle, photographer, on the same Milwaukee beach where she learned to swim as a young girl. She was covering "Operation Inland Seas" celebrating...

Dickey Chapelle in Vietnam

Date: November 1964
Description: Dickey Chapelle on the Don Phuc command post, in front of a stack of sandbags, on the Vietnam-Cambodia frontier. Chapelle resided at this post for 34 days,...

Ed Gein's Arrest

Date: November 19 1957
Description: Waushara County Sheriff Art Schley and his deputy, Leon "Specks" Murty (wearing hat), escorting Ed Gein (1906-1984) to the state crime lab, 917 University...

Gene Wilder

Description: Gene Wilder looking through the lens of a movie camera.

Chet Huntley with Equipment

Date: 1956
Description: Chet Huntley, manning a portable television unit, for coverage of 1956 political conventions.

Portrait in a Mirror

Date: 1900
Description: A woman photographer catches reflections of herself, a young girl and a woman in a bedroom bureau mirror.

Parade of International "Jungle Yachts" on Times Square

Date: 1938
Description: Parade of two International "Jungle Yachts" on Times Square, with newsreel cameramen on top of cars in front of the procession. The "Jungle Yachts" were sp...

Farmall 656 Tractor on the Set of Mayberry RFD

Date: February 1969
Description: Actor Ken Berry and actress Marianna Hill with a Farmall 656 tractor on the set of the television show "Mayberry RFD." The tractor was a prop for the episo...

Beach Toss

Date: August 12 1984
Description: A bikini-clad woman snaps a self-portrait with a long cable release attached to a camera as she is tossed into the air by a group of men on the beach. Othe...

Fort Rider

Description: Rock formations along the top of Fort Rider. The photographer's wet negative plate equipment is at foot of the rock formation.

Pillar Rock, Fort Danger

Date: July 1873
Description: Adams and Juneau Counties. Pillar Rock, Fort Danger. Man with 8 x 10 camera in foreground.

Photograph Gallery of Charles Van Schaick

Description: Man petting dog, who is sitting on a chair, inside the photographic studio. There is a large studio camera on the left, several pieces of studio furniture,...

Photographer Setting Up Outdoor View of IHC McCormick Works

Date: August 06 1914
Description: Rear view of company photographer setting up shot of IHC's McCormick Works docks from across the waterfront. Two men are in a long wooden boat, with the na...

Video Portraits

Date: April 02 1987
Description: Three school children are posing for a video camera portrait, one attraction at a school fair sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

Vintage Airplanes

Date: July 27 1988
Description: Vintage aircraft always attract attention. In 1988 on their way to the EAA convention, the national organization of owners of World War II trainers made a...

Shooting a Refrigerator Advertisement

Date: July 31 1950
Description: A woman wearing an apron poses with a refrigerator in a photography studio while a photographer takes a picture for advertising.

Nikita Khrushchev with Reporters

Date: 1959
Description: Elevated view of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev wading through a throng of reporters during a visit to a farm. A Farmall 560 tractor is in the background...

Apollo 16 on the Moon

Description: Astronaut Charles M Duke, Jr., collecting lunar samples using a rake and tongs. This photograph was taken on the moon by John W. Young, the crew commander....

Astronaut Photograph

Date: January 1967
Description: Astronaut James A. Lovell and his wife during a visit to Wisconsin. One measure of Lovell's celebrity status is the fact that it is Wisconsin's governor,...

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