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Out of Boat Cave

Description: Two men navigating their canoe through caves at the Wisconsin Dells.

Calvin Coolidge Fishing

Date: 1928
Description: President Calvin Coolidge fishing at Cedar Island Lodge, rustic lodge of Henry C. Pierce, 35 miles from Superior, Wisconsin, on the Brule River. This lodge...

Memorial Union Terrace

Date: 1940
Description: Summertime view of people at tables on University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union terrace, looking out to canoes and sailboats on the lake. In the back...

Brule Riv. — Trout Fishing

Description: View from shoreline towards eight men trout fishing on the Brule River.

Joliet and Marquette

Description: Father Marquette and Joliet at the Mississippi River.

Witches' Gulch with Steamboat Alexander Mitchell

Description: Mouth of Witches' Gulch and downstream, viewed from cliff. Steamboat Alexander Mitchell at mouth of gulch. Four canoes on shore.

Marquette and Joliet

Date: 1921
Description: Painted scene of an Indian guide paddling, Jacques Marquette, a Jesuit missionary standing, and Louis Joliet, a fur trader paddling, in a canoe exploring t...

River from Fort Snelling

Date: October 1852
Description: Landscape view of the river looking downstream from Fort Snelling, Minnesota Territory. An expanse of placid river water fills the center of the drawing an...

"Idora" at Mission Stub Dock

Date: 1910
Description: View from shoreline of the steamboat "Idora," owned by Charles Russell, docked at the Mission 'stub dock' on Madeline Island. A group of people are on boar...

Lone Rock

Date: 1897
Description: A view of Lone Rock from below, with a canoe on the left-hand side of the image.

Fort Howard dans La Grand Baie Verte (Ouisconsin)

Date: 1842
Description: This hand-colored lithograph of the second Fort Howard, with Indians canoeing on the Fox River, shows the hospital built 1834-1835 outside the stockade on...

The Peck Cabin

Date: June 1837
Description: Lithograph from a painting by Mrs. E.E. Bailey showing the Peck cabin, the first house in Madison. In addition to the cabin, the lithograph includes a cove...

McCormick Harvesting Machinery Advertising Poster

Date: 1915
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick brand farm implements featuring two men paddling a canoe in rough water. Also includes color illustrations of a reaper, ha...

Scrapbook Page - Bridge and Canoes

Date: 1900
Description: A scrapbook page containing two images; one of a train passing over a trestle bridge and the other of two rowing canoes.

Chapel Gorge Beach

Description: Elevated view of the mouth of Chapel Gorge Beach showing a canoe at the shore.

Mass of Native Copper on the Ontonagon River

Date: 1821
Description: Engraving depicting the Schoolcraft expedition crossing the Ontonagon River to investigate a copper boulder.

Travelers on Lake Superior

Date: 1850
Description: Travelers in a rowing canoe on Lake Superior.

Lake Terraces

Date: 1850
Description: Elevated view of the Lake Superior shoreline, with terraces leading to the beach. A canoe is on the shoreline.

Island of St. Ignace

Date: 1850
Description: Pastoral scene depicting a small bay on the Island of St. Ignace in Lake Superior with canoes on the rocky beach, two men conversing on a blanket in the fo...
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Combat between Indian Tribes

Date: 1852
Description: Illustration of the Ojibwa, the Sacs, and Foxes battling from canoes on the water.

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