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Orpheum Theatre Ushers

Date: September 02 1928
Description: Group portrait of the Orpheum Theatre's staff of ushers.

Orpheum Theatre Interior

Date: April 02 1927
Description: Interior view from the stage of the auditorium with balcony, at the New Orpheum Theatre at 216 State Street.

Interior of Pond House

Date: 1920
Description: Interior view of home, perhaps taken through an open window. The sash and sill are in the foreground. A woman is sitting on the piano bench in front of a g...

Salzburg Seminar

Date: 1962
Description: Arthur Altmeyer standing at a blackboard speaking at the Salzburg seminar in American studies.

Arthur J. Altmeyer (1891–1972) was the United States Commi...


Old Library at Hillside Home School

Description: The old library at Hillside Home School, an early progressive school operated by Ellen and Jane Lloyd Jones, aunts of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Sheehy's Pharmacy

Date: February 20 1941
Description: Interior of Sheehy's Pharmacy. On the left is a lunch counter and soda fountain. Customer tables are to the right, surrounded by displays for toiletries su...

Barman — Eddie

Date: 1932
Description: Eddie bartending at The Mansion.

Barman — Dan

Date: 1932
Description: Dan bartending at Bill's Bar.

Barman — Otto

Date: 1932
Description: Otto the barman from the perspective of a person on other side of the bar whose hands are shown reaching for eleven mugs of beer. The establishment is Zum...

Barman — Philip

Date: 1932
Description: Philip bartending at The Bath Club.

Office at Osborne Twine Mill

Date: 1910
Description: Male and female office workers inside International Harvester's Osborne Twine Mill. The Osborne Works was located at 5 Pulaski Street, and was owned and op...

Capitol Theatre Foyer

Date: January 24 1928
Description: Interior view of the Capitol Theatre's entrance flanked with staircases.

Senate Parlor

Date: February 04 1945
Description: Senate Parlor in the Wisconsin State Capitol, showing elaborate decorations and furniture.

E.G. Waste's Living Room

Date: November 17 1937
Description: View of the living room and sun porch in E.G. Waste's house, from the dining room. The house was located at 1321 Jenifer Street.

Cardinal Hotel Bar

Date: March 01 1937
Description: Interior of Cardinal Hotel Bar, 416-418 E. Wilson Street.

Children's Birthday Party

Date: February 19 1937
Description: Children's birthday party at 906 Brittingham Boulevard, with participants wearing party hats and seated at table with a birthday cake.

Tavern Cafe Interior

Date: June 12 1931
Description: Interior view of the Tavern Cafe at 212 State Street. Along the left is a striped awing over the counter and soda fountain.

Acacia Fraternity 25th Anniversary Banquet

Date: April 25 1931
Description: Elevated view from balcony of the Acacia Fraternity 25th anniversary banquet.

Cardinal Beauty Shop

Date: March 25 1931
Description: Interior corridor of the Cardinal Beauty Shop, located at 625 State Street, with hair dryers and manicure tables.

Eastwood Theatre Entrance Lobby

Date: January 30 1930
Description: Elevated view of the Eastwood Theatre entrance lobby, showing details in the tower, including a large chandelier, and mirrored faux window, murals on the w...

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