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Wisconsin Commission to Locate Monuments on the Gettysburg's Battlefield Site

Date: May 1887
Description: Members of the Wisconsin commission to locate monuments gather on the battlefield at Little Round Top.

George L.P. Weaver

Date: December 05 1947
Description: George Weaver, secretary of the national CIO Committee to Abolish Discrimination, appearing at the Wisconsin State CIO convention.

Playground Supervisors

Date: June 15 1934
Description: Group portrait of fifteen men and ten women. They are playground supervisors hired by the Board of Education and Madison Park Commission to run 9 full time...

Tree Placement

Date: June 03 1963
Description: Members of the Brown Deer beautification committee plant trees along the boulevard.

Congressional Committee at Lincoln Funeral

Date: May 1865
Description: Albumen print of the Congressional Committee, in front of the Abraham Lincoln home for Lincoln's funeral. The Congressional Committee accompanied Lincoln's...

Three Oscar Mayer Employees

Date: April 12 1947
Description: Three men comprising an Oscar Mayer cancer (?) committee.

"End Witch Hunts" Cover

Date: 1960
Description: Cover of flyer found in the papers of the National Committee to Abolish the Un-American Activities Committee. Founded in 1960, the committee later became...

Madison Labor Co-op Committee

Date: September 15 1947
Description: Members of the Madison Labor Co-op committee are shown at a meeting at the new East side co-op grocery store, 3055 East Washington Avenue, which will have...

Group Portrait of the Governor's Commission on Human Rights

Date: October 09 1947
Description: Members of Governor Oscar Rennebohm's Commission on Human Rights are shown outside of the Wisconsin State State Capitol for their first formal meeting.

University of Wisconsin Senior Swingout Committee

Date: May 12 1948
Description: Group portrait of the committee making arrangements for the "Senior Swingout," one of the traditions of the commencement season at the University of Wiscon...

One Man, One Vote

Description: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee poster depicting an African American man in a straw hat and overalls seated in front of a weathered building. Tex...

SNCC Group Near Burned Church

Date: 1962
Description: Student Non-Violence Coordinating Committee (SNCC) workers pray together near the burned remains of a church in southwestern Georgia.

Willie Rudd

Date: 1991
Description: Willie Rudd, president of the United Furniture Workers Local 282 as well as the national union, at a SOC (Southern Organizing Committee) labor conference i...

Rev. Joseph Lowery

Date: 1991
Description: Rev. Joseph Lowery, minister, civil rights leader, and president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), speaking to a conference sponsored...

Gwen Patten

Date: 1991
Description: Gwen Patton reporting on the Southern Rainbow Education Project to a conference called by the Southern Organizing Committee (SOC).

SOC Leaders

Date: September 1993
Description: Scott Douglas and Connie Tucker (right), leaders of the Southern Organizing Committee (SOC), at an unidentified event.

Richard Arrington, Jr.

Date: October 1991
Description: Richard Arrington, Jr. (at the microphone), the first black to be elected mayor of Birmingham, speaks to a re-election rally. Among the supporters applaud...

Modjeska Simpkins at SOC Meeting

Description: Modjeska Simpkins (center) one of the early leaders of the NAACP at an unidentified meeting of the Southern Organizing Committee (SOC). Among the other SO...

Anne Braden and SOC

Description: Anne Braden (center) at an unidentified meeting of the SOC (Southern Organizing Committee) leadership.

Anne Braden and Ben Chavis

Description: Anne Braden and Rev. Ben Chavis at an SOC (Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Human Welfare) event. Braden and Chavis were founding members a...

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