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Theater Ushers

Date: February 01 1931
Description: Orpheum and Capitol theater ushers listen to a talk about fire prevention as they stand beneath a marquee that advertises the epic "Cimarron."

Capitol Theatre Foyer

Date: January 24 1928
Description: Interior view of the Capitol Theatre's entrance flanked with staircases.

Golf Stunt

Date: June 17 1932
Description: Men pose during a golf stunt, as they try to hit a golf ball off a man's nose while he lays on the floor in the lobby of the Orpheum Theater. This was a pr...

Orpheum Theatre Ushers

Date: April 24 1932
Description: Orpheum and Capitol ushers relax at the Orpheum Theatre, 216 State Street, where "Tarzan the Ape Man" is showing, at a kickoff for the Milk Bottle Fund to...

U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Under Construction

Date: January 02 1929
Description: Interior view of first floor lobby with construction debris and some tile work completed on the floor. In the background a man stands on a ladder near chan...

U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Under Construction

Date: February 01 1929
Description: Completed first floor lobby looking toward Wilson Street entrance, with mail boxes, tile floor and light fixtures in place.

Orpheum Theatre Foyer

Date: April 05 1927
Description: Foyer near the entrance showing staircase of the Orpheum Theater at 216 State Street.

Paisan's Porta Bella

Date: 1971
Description: Exterior view of the Italian restaurant Paisan's, which has a miniature Renaissance garden just inside the arched entrance.

University of Wisconsin Barn Entrance

Date: June 04 1972
Description: Ornate entrance to the University of Wisconsin Madison beef cattle barn on the Agricultural School campus.

Pierce House Detail

Date: August 05 1973
Description: Delicate design in iron at the main entrance of the Pierce House at 424 North Pinckney Street.

Entrance Hall at 121 East Gilman Street

Date: 1948
Description: The entrance hall of Fred and Annie Storer Brown's house (built in 1888), 121 East Gilman Street.

Imperial Hotel Lobby and Steps

Description: Lobby and steps in the interior of the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Harvester House

Date: 1947
Description: A female receptionist sits at desk near a Farmall tractor in the entry way of "Harvester House" in Melbourne, Australia. Two large staircases appear to the...

Lower Entrance Hall at 50 East Huron Street

Date: January 1929
Description: Front entrance hall at Cyrus McCormick, Jr.'s residence at 50 East Huron Street, with marble stairs and Cael stone walls. The view is from the ground floor...

Staircase at 675 Rush Street

Description: Entrance hall and main staircase of 675 Rush Street [?].

Governor's Office Lobby

Date: 1914
Description: Governor's office lobby in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

Cashier's Desk at McCormick Works Club House

Date: 1931
Description: Lobby and cashier's desk in the McCormick Works Club House. In the center is a set of double doors. On the left is a flight of stairs. The Club House was d...

1010 Walker Court, Library

Date: 1918
Description: A view from the library into the entryway of the Richard Lloyd Jones residence, 1010 Walker Court (now 1010 Rutledge Court). He was editor and publisher...

Newhall House Rotunda

Date: 1881
Description: Interior view of lobby area with several people sitting in chairs. Manuscript notations on the mount makes much of the fact that it was photographed at ni...

Hotel Pfister Lobby

Date: 1920
Description: Interior view of lobby, with large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, columns, stairway leading to second floor, and chairs positioned about the entranc...

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