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Portrait of Samuel Marshall

Description: Quarter-length formal oval painting of Samuel Marshall, (1820-1907), banker, co-founder and President of the Marshall & Ilsley Bank.

Milo Milton Quaife

Date: 1953
Description: Portrait of Milo Milton Quaife (1880-1959), serving as director and editor from 1914 to 1920.

Niles Trammell

Description: Studio head and shoulders portrait of Niles Trammell.

Reuben Gold Thwaites

Description: Quarter-length tudio portrait of Reuben Gold Thwaites, second Director of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Milk — The Best Bargain

Date: 1963
Description: Milton C. Geuther, Illinois American Dairy Association Manager, holding a glass of milk in one hand and a bag of cow manure in the other. Geuther claimed t...

Henry Ford

Description: Quarter-length portrait of Henry Ford.

TWA's Sleeping Passengers

Date: December 1952
Description: TWA executives napping during a round-the-world flight in a Constellation 803 organized to survey travel conditions in the Far East. The Lockheed Constella...

Alexander Legge

Date: 1929
Description: Alexander Legge (1866-1933) signing a statement titled "Quality and Costs" for an advertising poster. Legge was president of International Harvester Compan...

Alexander Legge

Date: 1945
Description: Portrait of Alexander Legge (1866-1933). Legge was president of International Harvester Company from 1922 to 1929. He was vice chairman of the War Industri...

Placing Order for First Legal Beer

Date: March 15 1933
Description: Donald Huseby, office manager of the Fauerbach Brewery, receiving from Herman Lochner, police reporter for the "Capital Times," an order for the first case...

Portrait of Brooks McCormick

Date: 1976
Description: Portrait of Brooks McCormick (1917-), an International Harvester executive. Brooks McCormick began his career with IH in 1940, serving throughout the decad...

Wisconsin State Capitol Interior — Thwaites' Office

Date: 1897
Description: Reuben Gold Thwaites, secretary of the State Historical Society, at his desk in the South Wing of the third Wisconsin State Capitol. Thwaites succeeded Lym...

International Harvester Agent in Japan

Description: Mr. Asai and a woman (his wife?) standing on a rock. Mr. Asai was an International Harvester Company agent in Japan.

100,000th International Farmall Celebration

Date: 1930
Description: Elevated view over crowd towards an executive who is speaking to workers assembled by the receiving department at Farmall Works to celebrate the 100,000th...

Joseph W. Jackson with Map

Date: January 1947
Description: Joseph W. Jackson (Col. Bud), executive director of the Madison and Wisconsin Foundation, stands next to a map of the isthmus.

Reuben Gold Thwaites in his Office

Date: 1892
Description: Reuben Gold Thwaites seated at his desk in his office at the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Mr. Henry J. Napper

Date: March 08 1945
Description: Portrait of Henry J. Napper, 2127 Kendall Avenue, in his grocery store at 2532 Monroe Street. Mr. Napper, who has been in the grocery business for 50 year...

Joe Rothschild and Barbara L'Hommedieu

Date: March 30 1945
Description: Joe Rothschild, Dane county chairman of the United National Clothing Collection, is shown receiving a donation from Barbara L'Hommedieu, daughter of Mr. an...

Charence L. Greiber with World War II Veteran

Date: April 12 1945
Description: Clarence L. Greiber, Director of the Wisconsin State Board of Vocational and Adult Education, with Lester Morrisey, a discharged World War II veteran, show...

Frank P. Cockrell and Three Young Men

Date: July 17 1945
Description: Group portrait of Frank P. Cockrell, secetary of young men at the Madison YMCA, and three young men. From left: John Farman, Nimmer Adamany, Frank Cockre...

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