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Log Cabin with N.G. Willard Family

Date: September 09 1895
Description: Log cabin of N.G. Willard on 80 acres of land. Two women, a young child, and an infant are posing outdoors in the yard. Laundry is hanging on lines on the...

IH Dealership in Oskaloosa

Date: 1939
Description: Exterior view of the Oskaloosa Implement Company, an International Harvester dealership. A group of men and young boys pose near a Farmall A Tractor, and o...

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Date: 1905
Description: A man crouches down for a close look at a 1905 model Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Sam Schuster Residence

Date: July 20 1927
Description: View from street of the front of the home of Sam Shuster at 333 West Washington Avenue.

Riley-Bremer-Riley Garage

Date: October 11 1930
Description: The Riley-Bremer-Riley Oldsmobile garage on E. Doty Street began as the Riley Livery Stable when horse-drawn transportation reigned and then transitioned t...

Bicycle Repair

Date: May 23 1957
Description: Three young men repair a bicycle.

Young Children Play in Squalid Alley

Date: 1925
Description: Three young children playing with a wagon in a squalid alley between rows of impoverished houses. Trash and rubble litter the alley.

Home-Built Heath

Date: 1932
Description: Ray and Carl Breecher's Heath parasol monoplane while still under construction in their father's garage. Despite extensive modification, the plane crashed...

Wrecked Plymouth Automobile

Date: March 08 1945
Description: Damaged Plymouth automobile (owned by Raymond White) in O.C. Harris Co. garage on Highways 12-18-51.

Houses on Keyes Avenue

Date: January 08 1936
Description: View from street towards two houses, 2249 and 2253 on Keyes Avenue. Snow is on the ground.

Governor La Follette's New Chauffeur

Date: January 12 1935
Description: Governor La Follette's new chauffeur, Steve Tschida, in the garage standing next to the car.

Residing House 412 W. Mifflin Street

Date: October 22 1934
Description: View from street of the workers re-siding a house at 412 W. Mifflin Street. A neighboring house is on the right. An automobile is parked in front of the ga...

Wrecked Automobile

Date: July 27 1931
Description: Essex automobile in the repair shop after a crash on July 26 that killed the passengers — Edna Edge (Mrs.Clarence Edge) and Irving "Ole" Brown, WIBA entain...

Automobile Driving Contest Winner

Date: August 29 1930
Description: Lyman Sylvester of 1818 Keyes Avenue, the winner of the automobile economy driving contest, stands next to a Chevrolet Six automobile outside Hult's Capita...

Wrecked Pontiac Coupe

Date: April 28 1928
Description: Wrecked Pontiac coupe in a garage.

International Harvester Workmen Posing at Service Garage

Date: March 18 1929
Description: International Harvester workmen wearing coveralls are posing in front of an International Harvester motor truck outside a service garage at a dealership.

The Bird House at Bird Park

Date: 1933
Description: House built by Albert Zahn, Sr. He carved figures of angels, animals, and birds, and after his wife painted them, he mounted them on pillars in the yard. A...

Streetcar Repair Shop

Date: 1910
Description: Interior view of the repair shop of the Madison Traction Company on Fair Oaks Avenue. An open streetcar is on the ramp, with a closed car from the Wingra P...

Old Library at Hillside Home School

Description: A woman working in the library at Hillside Home school, an early progressive school operated by Ellen and Jane Lloyd Jones, aunts of Frank Lloyd Wright.

International S-Speed Truck

Date: December 15 1923
Description: S-speed truck owned by House of A. Silz and parked on the street in front of Silz Garage. The side panel of the truck includes an advertisement for "Fancy...

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