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McCormick-Deering Orchard Tractors

Date: 1930
Description: Advertising poster for McCormick-Deering 10-20 and 15-30 orchard tractors.

IHC Farmall Cub with Mower

Date: September 21 1949
Description: Three-quarter rear view from left of a man driving an IHC Farmall Cub with mower in Joe Spence's apple orchard.

OS-6 Orchard Tractor and Spray Unit Spraying Crops

Date: 1946
Description: McCormick-Deering Model OS-6 orchard tractor in operation in an apple orchard with a 500 gallon Hardie Spray Rig. The rig had a 30-35 gallon pump capacity...

Father and Daughter in Orchard with International Truck

Date: 1952
Description: Publicity photograph showing a little girl sitting on the running board of an International R-series pickup truck and eating an apple while her father pick...

Farmer in Grove with O-4 Orchard Tractor

Date: 1941
Description: Farmer operating a McCormick-Deering O-4 orchard tractor and disc harrow.

McCormick-Deering O-6 Orchard Tractor

Date: 1946
Description: W.A. Gearhart operating a McCormick-Deering O-6 orchard tractor and disc harrow.

McCormick-Deering O-4 Grove Tractor

Date: 1946
Description: H.S. Teig with his new McCormick-Deering O-4 grove tractor and harrow. Mr. Teig was born and raised in Norway and emigrated to California.

Experimental McCormick-Deering Orchard Tractor

Date: April 14 1925
Description: Engineering photograph of an experimental McCormick-Deering tractor with fenders apparently designed for use in orchards or groves.

Picking Apples

Date: 1950
Description: An apple-picker stands among the branches of a tree, on a ladder with a pouch slung over his shoulder and belted around his waist.

Farmer plowing orchard field

Date: May 1941
Description: Farmer H.C. Secord plowing an orchard field with McCormick-Deering O-4 tractor and a No. 82 three-furrow orchard plow. The plow was owned by the Canadian C...

Orchard and Landscape

Description: Elevated view of a split-rail fence enclosing an orchard, with farmsteads and more fences in the distance.

Gays Mills Apple Orchards

Date: 1955
Description: View of a plaque about the orchards.

Picnic Point from University Drive

Description: Picnic Point from University drive, currently known as Observatory Hill. There are orchards in the foreground.

Spraying Outfits Catalog

Date: 1912
Description: Front cover of an advertising catalog for International Harvester spraying outfits. Includes a colored photograph of an apple tree.

International Harvester Company Spraying Outfits Catalog

Date: 1913
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for International Harvester spraying outfits. Includes an illustration of apple trees.

Mr. and Mrs. Kapec with Strawberries

Date: June 26 1955
Description: Local fruit farmers Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kapec, Route 2, Madison, display a crate of home grown strawberries the size of golf balls.

Residence of Mr. Martin Lutscher. Town Honey Creek, Wis.

Date: 1875
Description: Seifert's watercolor is fairly large, measuring 27" wide by 21" high, and provides a detailed depiction of a nineteenth century Wisconsin farm. The small s...

Spraying Trees with Pesticide

Date: 1922
Description: Two farmers operating a pesticide sprayer while another man looks on from atop a nearby International 8-16 tractor.

Truck near Orchard

Date: June 1923
Description: An International Harvester service truck sitting on the roadside at R.R. Robertson's orchard.

Barrel Spraying

Date: 1923
Description: A man using a barrel sprayer to apply pesticide to a fruit tree on Prof. Holden's farm.

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