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Governor Julius P. Heil Campaigning to Teenagers

Date: October 1942
Description: Governor Julius P. Heil (1876-1949) speaks to Shawano High School students and others during his gubernatorial re-election campaign. He arrived during the...

Krueger Children on Front Porch

Date: December 1905
Description: Edgar and Jennie Krueger are sitting on the front porch of the Krueger home with an Edison Standard phonograph sitting on a chair between them. Two Edison...

Linguistic Exhibit

Date: September 27 1934
Description: University of Wisconsin Professor Miles L. Hanley watching coeds Laura Severson and Theressa Fein, while they are working on transcriptions for a linguisti...

School Project

Date: April 22 1967
Description: Two junior high students work on a project that requires making a vocal recording.

Ultimate Hi-Fi System

Date: August 12 1958
Description: Urbane gentleman shows off his sophisticated high fidelity wall system with reel-to-reel tape deck, reels of tape, and record albums.

Story Time

Date: September 26 1967
Description: Young children listen to a story through earphones as a teacher's aid looks on.

Language Lab Reel-To-Reel Tape Machines

Date: February 18 1959
Description: Language teachers listen to foreign languages on tape decks at an institute for public school language teachers at Mount Mary College.

School Children Folk Dancing

Date: 1919
Description: School children dancing in a circle to music from a Victrola phonograph as women look on. The children are outdoors, possibly in a rural schoolyard.

Directing an "Action Song"

Date: 1919
Description: Miss Streeter leading school children in the "shoemaker's song". Another woman stands near a Victrola. The children are outdoors under trees. Possibly in a...

Reed Sound Service Car

Date: March 03 1937
Description: John P. Reed's Sound Service car with two loud speaker horns and a sign on top. The automobile is a Plymouth provided by Gillespie Blumer of Madison.

Emerson School Hearing Test

Date: February 11 1935
Description: Boys at Emerson School listen intently to earphones and write on notebooks during a hearing test.

Madison Radio Shop Sound Car

Date: April 03 1933
Description: "Sound car" with loud speakers on the front hood, and a large sign on top that reads: "Norge, Madison Radio & Refrigerator Co., Borgrud Hardware Co., Ander...

Lapham School Radio Room

Date: April 29 1931
Description: Ben Park, sitting in a chair, is talking to all the classrooms in Lapham school through the radio microphone in the office of Shirley D. Almy, principal. T...

Mr. and Mrs. Holt

Date: December 20 1930
Description: Informal portrait of Jerome C. and May Holt seated in rockers in their living room at 1922 Madison Street.

Enjoying the Sound System

Description: A little girl stands at the built-in home entertainment system consisting of a phonograph turntable, radio, and single speaker.

Esquire Club Dining Room

Date: December 17 1946
Description: Interior view of the Esquire Club dining room including a soda fountain counter with a countertop jukebox. There is a piano in the background.

Leo Kehl and Students

Date: August 13 1929
Description: Leo T. Kehl with a line formation of students, most wearing tap or ballroom shoes. In addition to operation of the Kehl School of Dance in Madison, Kehl pr...

Leske's Steak House

Date: June 15 1953
Description: Leske's Steak House main dining room from the front door, 2827 Atwood Avenue, with jukebox.

Alice in Dairyland

Date: 1948
Description: A crowd surrounds a 10-foot mechanical mannequin of Alice in Dairyland at an Alice display for the Wisconsin Centennial Exposition. The Alice could raise h...

YWCA Square Dance

Date: August 16 1952
Description: Audrey Lewis, health education director at the YWCA, Carol Radichel, and Mrs. Merrell Vertein stand around a jukebox at a YWCA square dance.

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