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Barman — Pete

Date: 1932
Description: Pete bartending at the Roxy Grill.

Buckhorn Tavern

Date: 1949
Description: Customers sitting at the bar in the Buckhorn Tavern. There are five mounted deerheads above the bar. The bartender is standing behind the bar.

Radio Installed at Henry Vilas Zoo

Date: July 01 1932
Description: Radio installed at Henry Vilas Zoo (Vilas Park Zoo) for the granddaughters of the zoo director, Fred Winkelmann, and Tuck, the chimpanzee.

Old Abe at the GAR Museum

Date: 1904
Description: "Old Abe," the famous eagle mascot of the 8th Wisconsin Infantry, on exhibit in the G.A.R. Museum in the third Wisconsin State Capitol. This photograph was...

Old Abe and Historical Society Museum

Description: The Civil War Room of the Historical Society Museum photographed sometime after 1900 when the society moved from third Wisconsin State Capitol to its new b...

Family Portrait and Brick House

Date: 1869
Description: Family around table in yard with birch trees, and brick house with addition and shutters in background; porch has plants and two bird cages hanging from it...

Carl and Roy Linnell

Date: 1895
Description: Two young men, Carl and Roy Linnell, standing on either side of a wooden chair supporting a mounted buck's head with antlers. They are wearing dark suit ja...

Walter and Virginia Ross at Ross Teal Lake Lodge

Date: 1948
Description: Walter and Virginia Ross relaxing indoors by the fireplace at Ross Teal Lake Lodge.

Taxidermist Working on Cow at Museum of Science and Industry

Date: 1946
Description: Julius Friesser, master taxidermist, mounting one of the five cows that occupy the International Harvester Farm exhibit at the Museum of Science and Indust...

Lambert Taxidermy

Description: Interior of a taxidermy shop with stuffed animals, possibly the shop of a Mr. Lambert.

Pioneer Village

Description: Large area of stuffed wild animals indoors at Pioneer Village.

Emerson Elementary School Science Room

Date: April 13 1948
Description: Fourth grade students at Emerson Elementary School, 2421 East Johnson Street, shown examining stuffed birds in the school's science room. Left to right: Da...

Bystrom Party

Date: June 05 1948
Description: Group photograph of Arthur and Lucille Bystrom party. Mr. Bystrom is a correspondent with Associated Press, and Mrs. Bystrom is the assistant manager of th...

Two Deer Heads on a Wall

Description: Two male deer heads are mounted on a wall.

Studio Portrait of a Moose Head

Date: 1900
Description: A studio portrait of a taxidermy moose head set in cattails in front of a painted backdrop.

Portrait of a Peacock

Description: A studio portrait of a mounted peacock with its tail spread in front of a painted backdrop.

Elderly Man and Children

Description: A studio portrait, in front of a painted backdrop, of an elderly man with a beard sitting and holding a stuffed bird to attract the attention of two childr...

Specimen Museum

Description: A man seated in front of specimen drawers examines several varieties of moths and butterflies. On top of the cases are several taxidermy mounts including o...

Henry Greencrow, William Hall and Charlie Greengress with Specimens of Taxidermy

Date: 1898
Description: Full-length studio portrait of three young Ho-Chunk men wearing suit jackets, trousers, and neckties in front of a painted backdrop. Two are wearing hats a...

Animal Trap with Stuffed Squirrel

Description: Studio portrait of an animal trap on a pile of hay with a stuffed squirrel situated behind it. There is a painted backdrop in the background.

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