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Mud Wrestling

Date: March 14 1981
Description: Onlookers watch as participants flail around in a mud pit wrestling ring. One spectator wears a bird costume.

Broomball Game

Date: March 10 1980
Description: An outdoor broomball game in action in the snow.

Corn and Brats on the Grill

Date: June 25 1988
Description: St. Dominic's Catholic Parish members tend the grills at their annual festival.

Family Camping Trip

Date: September 06 1988
Description: Family members gather around a campfire to enjoy biscuits and sausages cooked on the grill at Naga-Waukee Park.

Mitchell Weather Watching

Date: December 29 1987
Description: Bored travelers at General Mitchell International Airport, apparently taking their cue from a droopy travel poster advertising vacations in the sunny Carib...

Man Resting on his Motorcycle

Date: May 06 1989
Description: John Miller rests in the sun near McKinley Marina before Friday's cold front moved through Milwaukee in May of 1989.

William Tennessen Collecting Bees

Date: July 11 1977
Description: William Tennessen, a West Bend beekeeper, carefully collects some of the 20,000 Italian bees that swarmed over the awning in front of the London Hat Shop,...


Date: October 1977
Description: A man is sitting on a bar stool with his legs crossed, smoking a cigar. Behind him is an American flag, along with a poster or calendar for Greece. Caption...

"1865 Military Ball" at Old World Wisconsin

Date: June 01 1989
Description: A costumed couple is dancing while four women in costumes are clapping their hands. Caption reads: "Dancers strutted their stuff at an '1865 Military Ball'...

Jamal Stevenson

Date: May 25 1984
Description: A boy dressed as Michael Jackson is singing as a group of young people are watching in the background. Caption reads: "Six-year-old Jamal Stevenson imitate...

Checking In

Date: October 18 1984
Description: A man, a woman, and four children are standing in front of building with an arch and columns. They are holding signs that read: "Can We Both LOVE Our Enemi...

Dushanka and Gruja Bratkovich

Date: April 11 1979
Description: A woman and a man are standing next to two large pots of food on a stove. The woman is holding a utensil over one pot. Caption reads: "Dushanka and Gruja B...

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