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Map or Atlas

Brothertown Plat Map

Date: 1893
Description: Plat map of Brothertown in Calumet County.
Map or Atlas

Sketch of the Public Surveys in the State of Wisconsin and Territory of Minnesota

Date: 1857
Description: A map of the state of Wisconsin and the southeastern portion of the Territory of Minnesota, showing the Wisconsin reservations of the Oneida, Menominee, St...
Map or Atlas

Sketch of the Public Surveys in Wisconsin

Date: 1858
Description: A survey map that shows the status of township surveys in Wisconsin. At that point, the majority of the state had been surveyed and platted, with the area...

Brotherton Lumberjacks

Date: 1925
Description: Chief Niles and other Brotherton men sawing logs.

Homecoming, Quinney, Wisconsin

Date: July 01 1917
Description: View of a large group of people gathered for a Homecoming celebration. A young woman in the foreground is identified as Daisy Helen Hicken.
Map or Atlas

Stockbridge and Brothertown Indian Lands on East Side of Lake Winnebago, Southward to Pipe Village

Date: 1836
Description: This negative photostat map shows the "oak tree, place of beginning" on the division line between Stockbridge and Brothertown Indians, and Governor Porter'...
Map or Atlas

Map of the Brotherton Township, W.T. : The Year of the Brotherton Indians of Wisconsin

Date: 1974
Description: This map draws content from a map originally created by George Featherstongaugh in 1840. The map shows streets, land ownership, the Brotherton Indian reser...

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