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Loggers Dining at Camp

Date: 1907
Description: Loggers at dinner in the woods north of Glen Flora. The man in the center is filing his saw.

Voyageurs in Camp for the Night

Date: March 1892
Description: Engraving of voyageurs gathered around a fire at their camp.

Indian Spearing Beaver

Date: 1821
Description: Indians of the North Red River area, probably in the vicinity of old Fort Douglas, now Winnipeg, Canada, spearing beaver.

Osborne Farm Machines and Implements

Date: 1913
Description: Advertising calendar for Osborne brand farm implements showing two young boys tending a pot hanging over an evening fire.

Camp at Michipicoton

Date: 1850
Description: View of Michipicoton, Ontario on Lake Superior showing a village with log structures and tents. Fishing nets are drying on poles.

Pic Island from Camp Porphyry

Date: 1850
Description: Pic Island on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Indian Sugar Makers

Description: Illustration of an Indian (possibly Menominee) camp of sugar makers.

Hotdog Cookout

Date: May 15 1965
Description: Girl Scouts cooking hotdogs over an open fire. The Great Blue Heron council weekend campout was held at Hartland Sportsman's Club grounds.

Raftsman's Series No. 1404; Laying Up For Wind And Drying Out

Description: Group of eight men sitting on shore around a fire, with the river and a boat in the background.

Family Camping Trip

Date: September 06 1988
Description: Family members gather around a campfire to enjoy biscuits and sausages cooked on the grill at Naga-Waukee Park.

Indian Sugar Camp

Date: 1850
Description: Chippewa Indian Sugar Camp. Plate 61, preceding p. 199, vol. I, The Indian tribes of the United States: their history antiquities, customs, religion, ar...
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Winnebago Wigwam

Date: 1884
Description: Indians standing and sitting near wigwams. Four wigwam frames are covered, with the one on the right uncovered, with a campfire inside. In the distance are...

Campsite with Fire

Date: August 1927
Description: Man tending to a campfire while a woman is preparing a meal on a picnic table by a tent. A car is parked next to the campsite and a dog is sniffing at a te...

Boy Scouts, Troop #45

Date: May 26 1945
Description: Group portrait of Boy Scouts, Troop #45 from Stoughton, gathered around a campfire, at Four Lakes Council Camporee in Olin Park.

Girl Scouts Around a Camp Fire

Date: October 10 1941
Description: Eight Girl Scouts kneeling around a campfire inside a campfire ring at Camp Indianola.

Weiner Roast at Kiddie Camp

Date: August 29 1933
Description: Kiddie Camp children around campfire, watching frankfurters roast in a pot over the fire, tended by Oswald B. Neesvig, president of Madison Packing Co. Mos...

Cook Out

Date: September 07 1963
Description: Husband and wife prepare meal on top of a campfire grill.

Covered Wigwam

Description: A wigwam covered with store canvas. This cyanotype image is part of an exhibit about Native Americans prepared by Paul Vanderbilt, first curator of photogr...

How Indians Treat Their Sick

Date: 1655
Description: Engraving made after a painting by Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues (died 1588) while on the Laudonnière Expedition in Florida, ca. 1564.

The Inside of a House in Nootka Sound

Date: 1784
Description: Plate 42. Scene from Cook's Third Expedition, 1776-1779, while in Alaska.

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