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Historical Essay

Allis, Edward P. (1824-1889)

Learn more about the entrepreneur and manufacturing innovator who established, Allis Company, Milwaukee's largest industrial employer in the late 1880s.
Historical Essay

Babcock, Stephen, 1843-1931

Read about the agricultural chemist at the University of Wisconsin whose extensive research led to advances in the dairy industry.
Historical Essay

Baird, Elizabeth, 1810-1890, and Baird, Henry, 1800-1875

Influential Early Wisconsin Settlers
Historical Essay

Berger, Victor, 1860-1929

Symbol of Milwaukee Socialism
Learn about the man who was the symbol of Milwaukee Socialism. Read about his involvement in the newspaper business, politics, and his anti-war stance.
Historical Essay

Paul Bunyan

America's Best-Known Folk Hero
Read about America's best-known folk hero. This article details the extensive folklore tradition surrounding the legacy of Paul Bunyan.
Historical Essay

Chapelle, Dickey, 1919-1965

Female War Correspondent
Read about the Wisconsin born photojournalist who was one of the first female war correspondents. This article contains a link containing her photography.
Historical Essay

Gale, Zona, 1874-1938

Pulitzer Prize for Drama
This novelist based much of her writings on her hometown of Portage, Wisconsin. She became the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for drama.
Historical Essay

Hoard, William Dempster, 1836-1918

Father of the Wisconsin Dairy Industry, Wisconsin Governor
Find out about the Wisconsin governor who championed for high standards in the dairy industry and founded the State Dairyman's Association.
Historical Essay

Expedition of Marquette and Joliet, 1673

French Exploration of the North American Interior
Find out about the two French explorers that traversed the Wisconsin countryside in 1673. This artcile details their exploration of the Mississippi.
Historical Essay

Jones, Nellie Kedzie, 1858-1956

Pioneer in Home Economics
This woman served as the first female professor at Kansas State Agricultural College. Read about her role as state leader of the Home Economics Extension.
Historical Essay

Kander, Lizzie Black (1858-1940)

During the Progressive Era, this Milwaukeean helped Jewish immigrants assimilate into American society while maintaining their ethnic heritage.
Historical Essay

Lombardi, Vince, 1913-1970

Legendary Green Bay Packers Coach
Read about the "Coach of the Century" and his preeminent role in leading the Green Bay Packers to many substantial victories.
Historical Essay

Nelson, Gaylord, 1916-2005

Founder of Earth Day
This Wisconsin Senator, best known as the founder of Earth Day, championed the preservation of the environment and natural resources.
Historical Essay

Frederick Pabst and the Pabst Brewing Company

Read about the German born man who made an indelible mark on the history of Milwaukee with his creation of the Pabst Brewing Company.
Historical Essay

Paine, Byron, 1827-1871

Civil Rights Law
Learn about the Milwaukee based lawyer who won two of Wisconsin's most important civil rights cases and was on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
Historical Essay

Paul, Les, 1915-2009

Legendary Guitarist and Electronics Innovator
Learn about Les Paul, pioneer of the solid-body guitar and innovator in recording techniques.
Historical Essay

Radisson, Pierre-Esprit, 1640?-1710

French Fur Trader
Learn about one of the first French fur traders to visit Wisconsin. Read about his experiences with Indian tribes and his exploration of the countryside.
Historical Essay

Edwin Witte, 1887-1960

Father of the Social Security Act
Learn about this Wisconsin-born economist and his active role in the development of the Social Security Act.
Historical Essay

Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959

Read about the life of this influential Wisconsonite and his contributions to the field of architecture. Article includes links to many primary sources.
Historical Essay

Duluth [Dulhut], Daniel Greysolon Sieur (1639-1710)

Explorer and Trader
Biography of Daniel Greysolon Sieur Duluth who helped protect the Wisconsin area against raids of the Iroquois.

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