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Historical Essay

Labor Day in Wisconsin

Beyond Beer and Brats
Explore the history of Labor Day celebrations in Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

Battle of the Crater at the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia

Civil War Battle Summary
Discover the role that Wisconsin troops, including Menominee warriors and our only unit of Black soldiers, played in a dramatic Civil War battle.
Historical Essay

Nation's First Quintuplets Born in Wisconsin

The Surprise and Aftermath of a Miraculous Birth
Discover the sad story of the naturally-conceived set of quintuplets born in Watertown, believed to be the first set of quintuplets in the U.S.
Historical Essay

Death to Capital Punishment

How Wisconsin Eliminated the Death Penalty
Read about the final person to be executed in Wisconsin before the state prohibited the death penalty.
Historical Essay

Pierce, Hettie, 1829-1944

Madison's Oldest Resident
Born into slavery, Hettie Pierce lived 115 years and was able to fully experience both life before and after emancipation.
Historical Essay

The Budget Deficit of 1921

How a New Progressive Governor Repaired the Economy
Read about Governor John J. Blaine's plan to deal with the Budget Deficit of 1921.
Historical Essay

More Bank Failures (1857)

Discover the effects that the Panic of 1857 had on La Crosse.
Historical Essay

Tobacco Customs in Wisconsin History

From Sacred Calumets to Ashtrays
Discover the important role that tobacco and the Peace Pipe have played throughout Wisconsin's history.
Historical Essay

Joseph Crelie, the Oldest Pioneer in Wisconsin

An Old Man's Tall Tale
Wisconsin pioneer Joseph Crelie was said to be 139 years old when he was exhibited to spectators in 1864. But how old was he really?
Historical Essay

Reform of Military Hospitals

How One Woman Changed Wisconsin During the Civil War
Discover how Cordelia Harvey's mission to reform hospitals during the Civil War would change Wisconsin forever.
Historical Essay

Our First Presidential Candidate

The Rise and Fall of Isaac Walker
Discover the story of Isaac P. Walker, the first Wisconsin presidential contender in 1850.
Historical Essay

The Man With the Iron Hand

A Frenchman's Disastrous Expedition
Learn about explorer Robert de La Salle's iron-handed chief lieutenant, Henri de Tonty, and what resulted in the worst winter of his life.
Historical Essay

The Miracles at Robinsonville

The Virgin Mary Appears to an Illiterate Peasant Girl
Learn about the first and only manifestation of the Virgin Mary in the United States near Green Bay, confirmed by the Vatican.
Historical Essay

Fort Koshkonong

A Fortification That may not Have Existed
Learn the story surrounding the building of Fort Koshkonong by General Henry Atkinson.
Historical Essay

Epidemic Anniversary

A History of Disease in Wisconsin
Read this informative collection of all the outbreaks and epidemics in Wisconsin's history.
Historical Essay

Chief Dandy and the White Settlers

Some Interesting Stories of the Winnebago Chief
Read about Ho-Chunk Chief Dandy's interesting and friendly interactions with white settlers in Wisconsin, even while he was a fugitive.
Historical Essay

Origins of Madison Street Names

The Constitutional Convention's Influence on the City
Find out where some of the most traveled streets of Madison got their names.
Historical Essay

Mary Hayes-Chynoweth, Psychic Healer

An Ordinary Woman has an Extraordinary Encounter
The story of Mary Hayes-Chynoweth, one of Wisconsin's most famous mystics who also predicted the future on a number of occasions.
Historical Essay

Louise Williams

First Woman Notary Public
Discover the story of Wisconsin's first woman notary public Louise Williams who provided legal counsel for southern Wisconsin after the Civil War.
Historical Essay

The Origins of Thanksgiving

It's not What You Might Think
Discover the historical evidence of the first Thanksgiving.

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