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International Special Delivery Grocery Truck

Date: 1929
Description: International Special Delivery grocery truck owned by Meehan Grocery Company.

International Grocery Delivery Trucks

Date: 08 31 1926
Description: Two drivers and a grocer posing with International delivery trucks outside Kretschmer's grocery store. Other businesses on the street include the Associate...

Delivery Truck Outside Grocery Store

Date: 1913
Description: International Model M delivery truck operated by William Brandfellner groceries parked outside the storefront. Produce is visible through the storefront, a...

Grocery Delivery Trucks

Date: 12 12 1927
Description: Fleet of grocery delivery trucks backed up to a building with a sign that reads: "A.W. & H.H. Behrens Wholesale Grocers." One man is sitting in the driver'...

Grocery Delivery Truck

Date: 1910
Description: View across street towards a grocery delivery truck parked in the snow in front of the Wm. Brandfellner storefront. Three men are standing on the sidewalk ...

Grocery Delivery Truck

Date: 01 12 1929
Description: View towards the passenger side of a grocery delivery truck. A man is sitting in the cab. The sign on the side of the enclosed truck reads: Quality F. Lsa....

International C-1 Grocery Truck

Date: 09 13 1936
Description: Grocer closing the canopy on an International C-1 delivery truck owned by Alldis Brothers Meat Market and Groceries of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Lakeview Grocery and Market Truck

Date: 10 28 1936
Description: Men load boxes into the back of an International C-1 truck owned by Lakeview Grocery. The truck is parked in front of the Lakeview Grocery storefront. Text...

International Truck and Italian-American Grocery

Date: 01 12 1929
Description: View across street towards a man sitting in the driver's seat of a delivery truck parked along the curb in front of an Italian-American Grocery. The sign o...

Hillcrest Market Truck

Date: 12 27 1936
Description: An International truck owned by the Hillcrest Market parked in front of the grocery store.

International C-1 Delivery Truck in front of Grocery Store

Date: 08 20 1935
Description: Two men standing outside Gray's Market behind an International C-1 delivery truck owned by Hormel Fine Foods. One man is wearing an apron and holding a can...

City Wholesale Grocery Truck

Date: 03 06 1926
Description: A man is sitting behind the wheel of an International truck used by the City Wholesale Grocery Company. The truck is near the doorway of a brick building, ...

A. Brosniak Delivery Truck

Date: 08 10 1926
Description: Delivery truck parked outdoors. There are no doors on the cab of the truck. The truck bed has a high stake body, and the sign painted on the truck reads: "...

Grocery Delivery Truck

Date: 05 04 1927
Description: View across street towards a man sitting in the driver's seat of a grocery delivery truck. The sign on the side of the truck reads: "Ted's Market, 125 Fift...

Grocer Receiving Shipment of Produce

Date: 1915
Description: Two International trucks parked outside Atkin & Tharp grocery store with shipments of produce. The grocer is leaning against one of the trucks and the deli...

International D-300 Egg Truck

Date: 1941
Description: Man driving an egg-shaped "Co-op Eggs" truck outside a Safeway grocery store. The truck is an International D-300 operated by the Washington Cooperative Eg...

International Model 63 East Liberty Wholesale Grocery Co. Truck

Date: 07 14 1924
Description: International Model 63 truck operated by East Liberty Wholesale Grocery Co. There are advertisements on the side of the truck for "American Beauty Flour St...
Book or Pamphlet

International Motor Trucks

Date: 1913
Description: Page from an "IHC Newspaper and Catalogue Electrotype Service" booklet advertising IHC motor trucks. Clockwise from top left, the illustration captions rea...

International Model K-41 Truck Hauling Groceries

Date: 1921
Description: Two men hauling boxes of grocery items in an International Model K-41 truck. Items in the back of the truck include Jell-O, Bon Ami cake, Warner's spaghett...

Delivery Truck at Grocery Store

Date: 1977
Description: An International Harvester model 1600 Loadstar is parked at a U Tote M Food Store. The truck is a Lilly Ice Cream delivery vehicle, and a worker is unloadi...

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