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Checkrow Corn Planter

Date: 1936
Description: McCormick-Deering Checkrow Corn Planter manufactured by International Harvester.

Workers at IHC McCormick Works

Date: 1915
Description: Workers on an assembly line producing mowers at an International Harvester factory - possibly the McCormick Works in Chicago.

No. 141 Harvester-Thresher

Date: 1954
Description: Color photograph of a farmer harvesting grain with a McCormick No. 141 harvester-thresher (combine) and an International truck.

IHC Executives at McCormick Works Public Event

Date: December 15 1926
Description: Cyrus McCormick, Jr., Cyrus McCormick III, and other International Harvester executives stand near a replica of the original McCormick reaper as a crowd lo...

McCormick Experimental Pull-Type Harvester-Thresher

Date: April 18 1913
Description: McCormick experimental pull-type harvester-thresher (combine) outside International Harvester's McCormick Works. The machine is one of two models that were...

Futuristic McCormick Grain Harvester

Description: Industrial artist's rendering of what a McCormick grain harvester of the future may look like ("future farm machines").

International Power Unit

Date: 1949
Description: International power unit powers an irrigation system.

Stack of Sickle Bar Mowers at McCormick Works

Date: January 24 1916
Description: Two rows of fifteen sickle bar mowers(?) stacked at an International Harvester factory (most likely McCormick Works in Chicago).

International Harvester 3688 with Western Interior

Date: May 1981
Description: Color photograph of an International Harvester 3688 tractor with the optional "Western" interior.

McCormick Reaper Reproduction

Date: 1930
Description: Reproduction of the McCormick reaper of 1831. The replica was most likely produced by the International Harvester Company for the 1931 Reaper Centennial ce...

International Harvester Farm Exhibit

Date: June 1975
Description: Students from Chicago's Cyrus McCormick School viewing a replica of the original McCormick Reaper at the International Harvester exhibit at the Chicago Mus...

Colfaxco Co. Implement Company

Date: November 12 1925
Description: International Harvester engines, McCormick-Deering feed grinders, and cream separators lined up inside the Colfax Co. Implement Company, an International H...

Technician Repainting Ensilage Cutter Wheels

Date: November 02 1937
Description: Technician repainting McCormick-Deering ensilage cutter wheels inside the paint shop at an International Harvester dealership.

Customer at International Harvester Parts Counter

Date: January 14 1929
Description: Customer picking up a gear from a parts counter at an International Harvester dealership.

Tractors and Engines at an International Harvester Dealership

Date: 1915
Description: Showroom, most likely of an International Harvester dealership, with stationary engines and a Titan tractor.

Experimental International Harvester Motor Cultivator

Date: 1916
Description: Man with cigar tests an International Harvester experimental motor cultivator in a field.

Farm Machine in Factory Yard

Date: September 03 1912
Description: An experimental reaper(?) in a factory year, most like at International Harvester's McCormick Works in Chicago.

Child Playing with International Harvester Toys

Date: July 16 1929
Description: A boy sits on the floor near an International Harvester cream separator to play with toy versions of International Harvester machines, including Farmall tr...

International Power Unit

Date: 1949
Description: International power unit powers a large pump.

Horse-Drawn Agricultural Implement

Date: 1973
Description: Color photograph of an International horse-drawn walking corn planter made at Saltillo Works, an International Harvester factory in Mexico.

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