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McCormick Works Club House Bowling Alley

Date: 1907
Description: Three-lane bowling alley at International Harvester's McCormick Works Club House.

Baseball Game at Tractor Works

Date: 1924
Description: Baseball game at Tractor Works, an International Harvester factory.

Child Playing with International Harvester Toys

Date: July 16 1929
Description: A boy sits on the floor near an International Harvester cream separator to play with toy versions of International Harvester machines, including Farmall tr...

International Harvester Works Basketball Teams

Date: February 25 1927
Description: Group portrait of basketball teams from six International Harvester factories including Farmall Works, McCormick Works, Hamilton Works, and Deering Works....

Deering Works Baseball Team

Date: 1910
Description: Team photograph of the International Harvester Deering Works baseball team.

Baseball Team

Date: 1913
Description: Young men in baseball uniforms, possibly members of an International Harvester company baseball team.

Milwaukee Works Shop School Baseball Team

Date: 1915
Description: Group portrait of International Harvester's Milwaukee Works shop school baseball team.

IHC Aurora Baseball Team

Date: October 16 1917
Description: Group portrait of International Harvester's Industrial League baseball team from Aurora Illinois.

Sandlot Baseball Game

Date: 1921
Description: Young men playing baseball in a park or open field. The men may be employees of the International Harvester Company at a factory or office picnic.

Boy with International Harvester Toys

Date: 1929
Description: A boy sits on a tile floor to play with die-cast toys of International Harvester machines, including an all-steel thresher, Farmall tractors, McCormick-Dee...

International Harvester Tent at Wisconsin State Fair

Date: 1946
Description: Exterior of the International Harvester Company tent at the Wisconsin State Fair.

IH Athletic Association Baseball Team

Date: September 1937
Description: Group portrait of an International Harvester Athletic Association baseball team.

Scenes of McCormick Triumphs

Date: 1893
Description: Illustration showing the sites of International expositions at which McCormick machines won awards between 1851 and 1893. Includes the text: "McCormick won...

International Harvester Booth at Wisconsin State Fair

Date: 1946
Description: International Harvester Company booth at the Wisconsin State Fair. A signs on the booth read, "Check Your Parcels Here."

Women on Lunch Break at Deering Works Twine Mill

Description: Women sitting and standing at leisure outside International Harvester's Deering Works twine mill. The factory was owned by the Deering Harvester Company un...

Harvester Picnic Golfers

Date: 1929
Description: A group of men play golf at an International Harvester employee picnic. There are also women and children watching the group.

Harvester Picnic

Date: 1929
Description: Boys line up for a race or game at an International Harvester employee picnic while a crowd forms to watch.

Cocktail Hour in the Congo

Date: 1939
Description: Commander and Mrs. Attilio Gatti have cocktails during the Commander's tenth African expedition. The expedition was sponsored by International Harvester. T...

McCormick-Deering/International Harvester at Minnesota State Fair

Date: 1940
Description: Registration booth for International Harvester at the Minnesota State Fair. Includes a list of IH dealers "Present Today."

Picnic at IH Experimental Farm

Date: August 26 1925
Description: A group of International Harvester employees gathers at the company's experimental farm for the Harvester Club picnic.

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