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Nash Motors Assembly Line

Date: 1935
Description: A nearly-completed automobile on the assembly line at Nash Motors in Kenosha.

Charles W. Nash

Date: 1937
Description: Charles W. Nash, president of Buick, (1910-1912), head of General Motors (1912-1916) and founder of Nash Motors of Kenosha, Wisconsin, (1916-1936), a man s...

American Motors Assembly Line

Date: 1965
Description: Assembly line of the American Motors Company, formerly Nash Motors, in Kenosha.

Nash Quad

Date: 1918
Description: The standard U.S. Ordnance Department ammunition body manufactured by Nash Motors, the so-called "Nash Quad."

Female Auto Workers

Date: 1918
Description: Women working on the automobile assembly line at Nash Motors (later American Motors) during World War I.

Body Production

Date: 1913
Description: Interior of the Milwaukee factor of the W.S. Seaman Company, a manufacturer of bodies for various automobile companies. In 1919 Nash Motors purchased a ha...
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Nash Six Sport Model

Date: 1923
Description: A page from a Nash Motors Company catalog, showing a six-cylinder, four-passenger sport sedan which was available in deep maroon with a khaki-color mohair...
Historical Essay

Charles W. Nash and the Nash Motor Company

Learn about the strong influence Wisconsin held on the national automobile industry in the early-mid 20th Century.
Historical Essay

Nash Ambassador Automobile

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story
1948 Ambassador sedan, manufactured by the Nash Motors Division of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, Kenosha, WI, 1947-1948. (Museum object #1992.156)
Property Record


Community: Milwaukee
County: Milwaukee
Historic Name: Nash/LaFayette Automotive Plant
Reference Number: 232587

Thomas B. Jeffery

Date: 1897
Description: Thomas B. Jeffery, founder of the Thomas B. Jeffery Company of Kenosha in 1902. Before that Jeffery produced several experimental automobiles, including th...

Women Employed by The Nash Motor Company

Date: 1918
Description: View across street towards a large group of women at the Nash Motor Company building. A few people are looking out from open windows in the building. Capti...

Kenosha Chrysler Plant

Date: April 29 1989
Description: One of a group of photographs taken to document the appearance of the Chrysler Company plant in Kenosha in 1989. The factory, which was then the oldest au...
Property Record


Community: Portage
County: Columbia
Historic Name: E. A. Wienke; Whitney Motors Company
Reference Number: 41042

Jeffery Car

Date: 1915
Description: A 1915 Jeffery, with a special body made by the W.S. Seaman Company parked in front of the company's Milwaukee plant. The Seaman company manufactured bodi...

UAW-CIO Local 75 Election

Date: December 1946
Description: Members of the United Automobile Workers union, Local 75, line up outside the local's headquarters, 308 E. Center Street, to vote on delegates to the union...
Historical Essay

Automobile Culture

Wisconsin and the Invention of the Car
Discover how Wisconsin's influence on the automobile and tourist culture.
Historical Essay

Horses to Horsepower - Image Gallery Essay

Automobiles in Wisconsin History
Read about the evolution of the automotive industry and the drastic changes in manufacturing work, road infrastructure, the economy and American culture.
Historical Essay

The Winther Motor Company in Kenosha, Wisconsin - Image Gallery Essay

A Collection of Photographs
Photographs of Winther Motor company offer insight into early 20th century manufacturing.

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