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Historical Essay

World War I

The Struggles at Home
Discover the how American patriotism during World War I led to Xenophobia and fear of Germans.
Historical Essay

Red Arrow Division

Brief history of the Red Arrow Division.
Historical Essay

World War I "Sons in Service" Flag

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story
“Sons in Service” flag from the Washbush home in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, 1917-1918. (Museum object #1985.34.1)
Historical Essay

Automobile Industry in Wisconsin

Brief history of the automobile industry in Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

Four-Wheel Drive Auto Company

Brief history of the Four-Wheel Drive Auto Company.
Historical Essay

The Story of Memorial Day

Celebrations of Memorial Day Throughout History
Discover the history of Memorial Day celebrations in Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

Lithuanians in Wisconsin

Learn about the Lithuanians who emigrated to Wisconsin in the early 20th century and again after World War II.
Historical Essay

Milwaukee's Maverick Aviator

An Insubordinate General Educates his Superiors
Discover how Milwaukee's General William Mitchell was charged for insubordination when he warned the U.S. military of an impending new threat.
Historical Essay

The History of Arabs in Wisconsin

Learn about the history of Arab communities in Wisconsin. This article includes statistical data on countries of origin and the process of assimilation.
Historical Essay

Flu Quarantine Sign

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story
Influenza quarantine placard, c. 1910-1924, from the period of the "Spanish flu" epidemic. (Museum object #1978.404.50)
Historical Essay

Hungarians in Wisconsin

Learn about the Hungarian immigrants who came to Wisconsin from the 19th century through the post-World War II era.
Historical Essay

Automobile Culture

Wisconsin and the Invention of the Car
Discover how Wisconsin's influence on the automobile and tourist culture.
Historical Essay

Black History in Wisconsin

Read about Black history in Wisconsin. There are many links to original documents, pictures, eyewitness accounts, and other primary sources.
Historical Essay

Ezra Pound's Wisconsin Roots

The Midwestern Heritage of One of the 20th Century's Greatest Poetic Innovators
Discover literary giant Ezra Pound's connection to the frontier wilds of Wisconsin.
Historical Essay

20th Century Immigration

The History of Modern Immigration in Wisconsin
Discover the economic and cultural changes that brought new immigrants to Wisconsin in the 20th century.
Historical Essay

Timeline of Wisconsin History, 1900 -1999

Brief timeline of Wisconsin history from 1900 to 1999.
Historical Essay

Wisconsin Home for Women (Taycheedah Correctional Institution)

Read about the Home for Women, a reformatory for women aged 18 -31, and the State Prison for Women, which became the Taycheedah Correctional Institution.
Historical Essay

Pleasant Ridge a Refuge for Former Slaves

Read the history of Pleasant Ridge, Wisconsin, a unique a community developed by freed Southern African American slaves in the mid-19th century.
Historical Essay

Robert M. La Follette

Governor and Progressive
Discover how Robert "Fighting Bob" La Follette and the Progressive Movement reformed state government and the Republican Party.
Historical Essay

Epidemic Anniversary

A History of Disease in Wisconsin
Read this informative collection of all the outbreaks and epidemics in Wisconsin's history.

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