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Experimental Tractor

Date: 1896
Description: 40 H.P. experimental tractor. Original caption reads, "40 H.P., Built in 1896."

Speck's Cotton Picker

Date: July 19 1927
Description: Left side view of Speck's cotton picker, taken for International Harvester's Engineering Department.

Cotton Picking Machine

Date: May 17 1916
Description: Men gathered outdoors around a cotton picking machine exhibited at the National Implement and Vehicle Association Meeting.

Speck's Cotton Picker

Date: 1927
Description: Front view of "Speck's cotton picker," taken for International Harvester's Engineering Department.

"Romance of the Reaper" Demonstration Scene

Date: 1930
Description: Still from the feature length motion picuture "Romance of the Reaper" showing a recreation of the demonstration of Cyrus McCormick's reaper of 1831. The fi...
Book or Pamphlet

Back Cover of Adriance Buckeye Harvesting Machinery Catalog

Date: 1900
Description: Back cover of an advertising catalog for Adriance, Platt & Company featuring an illustration of a clock. Agricultural machinery parts serve as the hands of...
Book or Pamphlet

Aultman, Miller and Company Advertising Catalog

Date: 1896
Description: Front cover of an advertising catalog for Aultman, Miller and Company, manufacturers of agricultural equipment. Features a chromolithograph of a woman sit...

American Inventors

Date: 1900
Description: Cigar box label with portraits of inventors Thomas Edison, Eli Whitney, Robert Fulton, Cyrus McCormick, Richard March Hoe. Around the edges are illustratio...

Construction of a Reaper on Film Set

Date: 1929
Description: A production still for the Fox Hearst film "Romance of the Reaper". The film was produced by International Harvester to celebrate the Reaper Centennial. Ca...

Horse-Powered Saw

Date: 1925
Description: Photographic illustration of two men cutting wood with a saw powered by horses on a treadmill. The horses and treadmill were added by an artist's drawing.

Columbian Exposition Diploma of Honorable Mention

Date: December 24 1894
Description: Diploma of honorable mention presented to Stephen M. Babcock by the Board of Lady Managers of the Columbian Exposition. The document honors Babcock's inven...

McCormick's Patent Virginia Reaper

Date: 1849
Description: Advertising handbill for Cyrus Hall McCormick's patent Virginia Reaper. Printed for C.H. McCormick & Co. by James J. Langdon, Chicago, Illinois.

Reaper Centennial Medallion

Date: 1931
Description: Reverse side of the International Harvester reaper centennial medallion (or coin) showing the reaper in use, and the words "Centennial of the Reaper, 1891-...

Reaper Centennial Window Display

Date: 1931
Description: Display in the window of the Hudson Bay Company department store in Alberta, Canada, celebrating the centennial anniversary of the reaper's invention.

Babcock Ceremony

Date: 1928
Description: Crowd seated on the lawn of Agriculture Hall on the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a ceremony honoring S.M. Babcock, inventor of the butter test.

McCormick's 1834 Reaper Patent

Date: 1897
Description: Official copy of Cyrus McCormick's 1834 reaper patent. This copy was made by the Patent Office at the request of the McCormick family.

World's First Reaper Placard

Date: 1931
Description: Placard for display with replicas of Cyrus McCormick's reaper of 1831. The replicas were produced by the International Harvester Company for the "reaper ce...

Men Posing with McCormick Binder

Date: 1899
Description: A group of five men stand and sit around a McCormick grain binder.

Early Experimental Tractor

Date: 1905
Description: A man sits behind the wheel of what appears to be an experimental tractor. The location is staged for a photo shoot, with a white cloth hung in front of a...

Friction-Drive Tractor

Date: 1933
Description: Three-quarter right front side view of a friction-drive tractor by the Ohio Manufacturing Company.

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