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Experimental Tractor

Date: 1896
Description: 40 H.P. experimental tractor. Original caption reads, "40 H.P., Built in 1896."

Cotton Picking Machine

Date: May 17 1916
Description: Men gathered outdoors around a cotton picking machine exhibited at the National Implement and Vehicle Association Meeting.
Book or Pamphlet

Aultman, Miller and Company Advertising Catalog

Date: 1896
Description: Front cover of an advertising catalog for Aultman, Miller and Company, manufacturers of agricultural equipment. Features a chromolithograph of a woman sit...

American Inventors

Date: 1900
Description: Cigar box label with portraits of inventors Thomas Edison, Eli Whitney, Robert Fulton, Cyrus McCormick, Richard March Hoe. Around the edges are illustratio...

Reaper Centennial Medallion

Date: 1931
Description: Front side of International Harvester's reaper centennial medallion (or coin), featuring an image of Cyrus Hall McCormick, the words "Inventor of the Reape...

Reaper Centennial Window Display

Date: 1931
Description: Display in the window of the Hudson Bay Company department store in Alberta, Canada, celebrating the centennial anniversary of the reaper's invention.

Babcock Ceremony

Date: 1928
Description: Crowd seated on the lawn of Agriculture Hall on the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a ceremony honoring S.M. Babcock, inventor of the butter test.

McCormick's 1834 Reaper Patent

Date: 1897
Description: Official copy of Cyrus McCormick's 1834 reaper patent. This copy was made by the Patent Office at the request of the McCormick family.

John F. Appleby

Description: Portrait of inventor John F. Appleby. The Wisconsin inventor is credited with inventing a knotting mechanism that made twine grain binders possible in the...

Horse-Powered Saw

Date: 1925
Description: Photographic illustration of two men cutting wood with a saw powered by horses on a treadmill. The horses and treadmill were added by an artist's drawing.

Working on Reaper on Film Set

Date: 1929
Description: A production still for the Fox Hearst film "Romance of the Reaper". The film was produced by International Harvester to celebrate the Reaper Centennial. Ca...

World's First Reaper Placard

Date: 1931
Description: Placard for display with replicas of Cyrus McCormick's reaper of 1831. The replicas were produced by the International Harvester Company for the "reaper ce...

Test of the First Reaper

Date: 1932
Description: Diorama(?) depicting the test of the first mechanical reaper by Cyrus McCormick at Steele's Tavern, Virginia in 1831. The display was likely part of Intern...

Men Posing with McCormick Binder

Date: 1899
Description: A group of five men stand and sit around a McCormick grain binder.

Early Experimental Tractor

Date: 1905
Description: A man sits behind the wheel of what appears to be an experimental tractor. The location is staged for a photo shoot, with a white cloth hung in front of a...

Earl C. Smith Giving a Speech

Date: July 31 1941
Description: Earl C. Smith, president of the Illinois Agricultural Association, speaks into a microphone at an event to honor Mr. Clarence Dauberman for creating the fi...

Withington Wire Binder

Date: 1876
Description: A Withington wire binder sits on display inside a building at the Centennial Exposition, the first official World's Fair in the United States.

Map of the United States in 1831

Date: 1933
Description: Map created by International Harvester entitled "The United States as it appeared in 1831 when Cyrus Hall McCormick invented the Reaper." The map pinpoint...

"Romance of the Reaper" Poster

Date: 1931
Description: Advertising poster for the "Romance of the Reaper" film for use in Australia. The poster features an illustration of Cyrus Hall McCormick building the firs...
Historical Object

Reaper Test on Centennnial Coin

Date: 1931
Description: Back side of a coin made for International Harvester to celebrate the "Reaper Centennial." The event commemorated the one hundred year anniversary of the t...

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