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Large Crowds Watch Tractor Demonstrations

Date: 1915
Description: Large crowds gather over a farm field to view tractor demonstrations. Tractors include the International Harvester Mogul 8-16.

Henry Wallace for President Demonstration

Date: August 12 1948
Description: One of the many demonstrations organized by the People's Progressive party in Milwaukee to fight the ever-rising cost of living. The campaign includes the...

Father Groppi and Protesters

Date: 1969
Description: Father James Groppi with his fist in the air at the Wisconsin State Capitol during welfare demonstrations. He is surrounded by other protesters.

"Viva la Huelga!"

Date: March 10 1971
Description: Poster promoting a demonstration in support of farm workers. Widespread strikes and demonstrations called for agricultural workers' rights. The poster adve...

Wisconsin Ballet Company Demonstrations

Date: August 06 1964
Description: Mimi Pansley (?) of McFarland shown performing a sauté, a sample elevation in ballet. The demonstrations were to show how ballet is basic for all forms of...

Kicking the Football

Description: A man dressed in a football uniform demonstrates the art of drop-kicking the football. This is one of several demonstrations of strobe light functions at...

Mora Lincoln and Flower Arrangement

Date: June 09 1953
Description: Mora Lincoln with one of her flower arrangements. She regularly gives lessons and demonstrations on the art of arranging flowers.
News Release

Observe Historic Brewing Demonstrations at Old World Wisconsin

Old World Wisconsin and the Museum of Beer and Brewing are partnering together to bring historic brewing techniques back to life.

Confederacy of Dunces

Date: October 12 1984
Description: Men wearing Ronald Reagan masks and dunce caps make their way through a crowd.

Mrs. Pask, Mrs Filner, and Three Children

Description: Portrait of Mrs. Pask and Mrs. Filner, and three children.

Suffrage March

Date: March 03 1913
Description: Elevated view of a suffrage parade with a large crowd looking on.

Dr. Sylvia Stuessy

Description: Portrait of Dr. Sylvia Stuessy.

Nurse and Two Pregnant Mothers

Description: A nurse talks to two pregnant mothers.

Karl Armstrong Freedom Party Poster

Date: September 23 1973
Description: Poster for Karl Armstrong freedom party.

Anti-Police Violence Protest

Date: 1975
Description: Protestors marching in protest of police violence.

Bayfield Maritime Museum

Location: 131 S 1st St.
Nearby City: Bayfield, Bayfield County
Body of water: Lake Superior

A Plethora of Golf Balls

Description: A woman dressed to play golf smiles as a bucket of golf balls is spilled at her feet. This is one of several demonstrations of strobe light functions at F...

Stop the War

Date: October 15 1965
Description: Opponents of the War in Vietnam protesting at Truax Air Force Base. This event, which was probably sponsored by local members of the National Coordinating...

Nukewatch at the Gate

Date: January 1999
Description: Bonnie Urfer, one of the leaders of Nukewatch, speaking with local police officer Ken Johnson outside the Project ELF facility. Nukewatch was present for o...

Maple Bluff Fire School

Date: November 12 1960
Description: A scene from a fire school held by the Maple bluff fire department for their volunteer firemen. They witnessed demonstrations on how to put out different t...

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