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Newspaper Article/Clipping

The 3rd Assembly Dist. Republicans Convention met

County: Walworth

Republican Party Picnic

Date: September 11 1955
Description: A group of Republicans attend a picnic in Hoyt Park sponsored by the Dane County GOP, the Young Republicans and the Dane County Women's Republican Club.
Newspaper Article/Clipping

To the republicans of douglas county

Date: 1900--
County: Douglas
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Republicans back to birthplace

Date: 1939-8-14
County: Fond Du Lac
City: Ripon
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Problems face Republicans

Date: 1955-1-
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Rev. Olympia Brown, cousin of Coolidge, flays Republicans

Date: 1920-10-10
County: Milwaukee
City: Milwaukee

The "Monster Knife" of John Fox Potter

Date: 1860
Description: Large knife presented to John F. Potter by the Republicans of Missouri, 1860.

Young Republicans for Eisenhower

Date: May 09 1952
Description: Young republicans for Eisenhower meet officers of the Madison headquarters of Wisconsin Citizens for Eisenhower Committee at the Loraine Hotel. L. to R: J...
Historical Essay

Guiles, Jon R. 1945

Newspaper Article/Clipping

Cook nominated by Republicans

Date: 1904-5-20
County: Dane
City: Madison

Republicans for McCarthy's Seat

Date: 1957
Description: After the death of Joseph R. McCarthy in May, 1957, seven Republicans ran in the special primary election. The most serious candidates were Congressman Gl...

Wisconsin Republicans at Convention

Date: July 26 1960
Description: Wisconsin Republicans stand for their portrait at a recption while attending the Republican National Convention. They are wearing buttons for "Byrnes for V...

Wisconsin United

Description: There's nothing like a threat to the fortunes of the dairy business to bring Wisconsin political leaders together. Here two Republicans and two Democrats t...

Wisconsin United States Senator Speaks to Young Republicans

Date: October 05 1961
Description: Wisconsin's senior United States Senator Alexander Wiley is greeted by three members of Dane County Young Republicans. The greeters are, left to right: Pet...

Republican Party Lincoln Day Event

Date: February 08 1951
Description: A large crowd of Dane County Republicans sits in rows of seats at their annual Lincoln Day box supper and program held at the Eagles Club.

MacArthur for President Card

Date: 1944
Description: Small window card featuring a drawing of General Douglas MacArthur and the phrase, "Republicans draft General MacArthur for President."

Lincoln Day Dinner

Date: February 14 1950
Description: Dozens of Dane County Republicans are shown seated at Turner Hall at the Lincoln Day Dinner eating boxed chicken.

Republi-Capers Show

Date: April 10 1961
Description: Attending the $50-a-plate dinner and "Republi-Capers" show were prominent Republicans, left to right: Rep. Henry Schadeberg (R-Burlington); Mrs. Byron Isin...
Historical Object

Monster Knife

Date: 1990
Description: A woman holds the monster knife and its sheath. Giant knife presented to John Fox Potter by Missouri Republicans after Potter's threatened duel with a Virg...

Prohibitionists vs. Republicans

Date: 1918
Description: Political placard that reads "St. John Fanatics and Shot-Gun Democrats Take Back Seats." Below that is a rule, then the text "The above is one of the motto...

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