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School Trip To Forest Products Laboratory

Date: 1951
Description: Richard Quinney took this photograph with his own camera while in high school, at Delavan High School. It was a trip to the Forest Products Laboratory, at...

White Peony in the Backyard

Date: June 09 2015
Description: Close-up view of two white peony blossoms.


Date: December 2013
Description: Close-up of a large burl protruding from a tree trunk.

Last Year's Milkweed

Date: May 2014
Description: A blade of dead milkweed lying on wet grass and dirt.

Peony Blossom

Date: June 2014
Description: Close-up view of a peony blossom in the sunshine.

At the Bottom of Odana Road

Date: October 07 2014
Description: View looking up at the sky through the trees, and a utility pole in the center.

Woods Along the South Shore of Lake Wingra

Date: October 22 2014
Description: Woods with trees with yellow leaves. Yellow and green leaves cover the ground.

Fourth of July Celebration in the Backyard

Date: July 04 2015
Description: Close-up view of red, and red and yellow coneflowers.

American Elm

Date: September 2013
Description: View looking up into the canopy of an elm tree.

New Year Sundial

Date: January 2014
Description: A sundial covered in snow.

Orchid in Winter

Date: February 2014
Description: Close-up of an orchid branch.


Date: April 2014
Description: Close-up view of a daffodil blooming next to a rock.

Path at the Edge of Lake Wingra

Date: May 11 2015
Description: A dirt path winding down a hill through trees in a woods.

To the Hospital Emergency Room

Date: March 02 2015
Description: View from inside a car towards the emergency entrance to a hospital.

Wilde Rose in the Front Yard

Date: June 09 2015
Description: Close-up view of a pink rose blossom and two buds.

Green Man on the Living Room Wall

Date: July 20 2015
Description: Ceramic mask of the Green Man hanging on a white stucco wall.

Buddha in the Rock Garden

Date: November 23 2014
Description: A weather-worn statue of the Ho Tai (Happy Buddha) sitting on a wet rock surrounded by leaves and dead plant material.

Backyard at the Beginning of June

Date: June 01 2015
Description: Elevated view of a woman, Solveig Quinney, pushing a wheelbarrow in her yard. Stepping stones in the lawn ring a garden plot. Other flowering bushes and pl...

Into the Woods

Date: December 2013
Description: View down a snowy path through trees, which is lined on one side by a small wire fence on wood posts.

Fog in the Woods

Date: December 2013
Description: Fallen trees and leaves lying in the snow. A light fog is rolling through the woods.

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