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Quinney Family

Date: 1923
Description: Katherine (Kate) Quinney and her brothers, Thomas (Tom) and Willam (Bill), standing in a yard.

Mervin Kittleson and Floyd Quinney

Date: 1924
Description: Mervin Kittleson and Floyd Quinney standing in front of a barn and next to a Ford Model T just before they embark for a trip to California.

Elephants on Country Road

Date: 1920
Description: Three elephants on the side of the road near Holloway Farm. Two of the elephants are chained together. They may have been circus animals going from one tow...

Camels Near Farm

Date: 1920
Description: View across road of six camels walking and grazing along the side of a country road near Holloway Farm. They may have been circus animals going from one to...

Farm Wagon

Date: July 2014
Description: An old, worn farm wagon sitting in a field.

Three Trees

Date: 1993
Description: Three trees in silhouette, standing on a small grass ridge along a fence line between two fields.

Chicken House and Corn Crib at the Farm

Date: November 03 2014
Description: View across tall grass towards a worn and old chicken coop and corn crib.

To the Hospital Emergency Room

Date: March 02 2015
Description: View from inside a car towards the emergency entrance to a hospital.

Wilde Rose in the Front Yard

Date: June 09 2015
Description: Close-up view of a pink rose blossom and two buds.

Green Man on the Living Room Wall

Date: July 20 2015
Description: Ceramic mask of the Green Man hanging on a white stucco wall.

Sky after the Rain

Date: July 20 2015
Description: View of clouds in the sky. Silhouetted trees are on the left and right.

Birds on a Wire

Date: August 26 2015
Description: Eight birds sitting on a power line are silhouetted against a cloudy blue sky.


Date: December 2013
Description: Close-up of a large burl protruding from a tree trunk.

Last Year's Milkweed

Date: May 2014
Description: A blade of dead milkweed lying on wet grass and dirt.

Peony Blossom

Date: June 2014
Description: Close-up view of a peony blossom in the sunshine.

Willow at the Lagoon

Date: 1993
Description: The leaves and branches of a willow tree lightly hanging over the surface of a lagoon.

At the Bottom of Odana Road

Date: October 07 2014
Description: View looking up at the sky through the trees, and a utility pole in the center.

Burl on a Cottonwood Tree

Date: October 19 2014
Description: View of a large burl on a cottonwood tree. Green and yellow leaves frame the trunk.

Woods Along the South Shore of Lake Wingra

Date: October 22 2014
Description: Woods with trees with yellow leaves. Yellow and green leaves cover the ground.

Ice Age Trail at Shoveler's Sink

Date: March 24 2015
Description: View across snowy field towards a pond.

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