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Detroit Skyline Postcard

Date: 1930
Description: The front and back of a postcard featuring a drawing of the Detroit skyline as seen from Windsor, Ontario that was sent by Alice and Floyd Quinney during t...

Richard at the Old Place Pond

Date: October 15 2014
Description: Portrait of the photographer, Richard Quinney. He is wearing a black jacket, eyeglasses, and a white baseball cap, and is standing with his right hand rest...

American Elm

Date: September 2013
Description: View looking up into the canopy of an elm tree.

New Year Sundial

Date: January 2014
Description: A sundial covered in snow.

Orchid in Winter

Date: February 2014
Description: Close-up of an orchid branch.


Date: April 2014
Description: Close-up view of a daffodil blooming next to a rock.

Fungi on Tree Trunk at Ellwood House

Date: 1993
Description: A fallen tree trunk is resting on the ground surrounded by leaves and grass. Fungi grow out of the trunk.

Stacks of Shredded Corn Stalks

Date: 1993
Description: Six large mounds of rolled up corn stalks are in a row on a field lightly covered in snow.

Bleeding Hearts

Date: April 29 2015
Description: Close-up view of a branch of blossoms on a bleeding heart plant.

Path at the Edge of Lake Wingra

Date: May 11 2015
Description: A dirt path winding down a hill through trees in a woods.

Paddle Wheel on the Spirit of Dubuque

Date: August 01 2015
Description: Close-up view of the paddle wheel on the river cruise ship "Spirit of Dubuque."

Cliffs of Dover Postcard

Date: 1908
Description: Front and back of a postcard sent from Agnes to William (Bill) Quinney. The front features a print of the Cliffs of Dover in pastel tones while, on the ba...


Date: December 2013
Description: Close-up of a large burl protruding from a tree trunk.

Last Year's Milkweed

Date: May 2014
Description: A blade of dead milkweed lying on wet grass and dirt.

Peony Blossom

Date: June 2014
Description: Close-up view of a peony blossom in the sunshine.

Willow at the Lagoon

Date: 1993
Description: The leaves and branches of a willow tree lightly hanging over the surface of a lagoon.

At the Bottom of Odana Road

Date: October 07 2014
Description: View looking up at the sky through the trees, and a utility pole in the center.

Burl on a Cottonwood Tree

Date: October 19 2014
Description: View of a large burl on a cottonwood tree. Green and yellow leaves frame the trunk.

Woods Along the South Shore of Lake Wingra

Date: October 22 2014
Description: Woods with trees with yellow leaves. Yellow and green leaves cover the ground.

Ice Age Trail at Shoveler's Sink

Date: March 24 2015
Description: View across snowy field towards a pond.

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