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Wild Rice

Date: 1911
Description: A view of wild rice near Sturgeon Lake.

Chippewas Gathering Wild Rice

Description: Illustration of three Chippewa (Ojibwa) Indians gathering wild rice into a canoe.

Native American Women Harvesting Rice

Description: Drawing of three women in a canoe harvesting wild rice.

Wild Rice Harvest

Date: 1960
Description: An Ojibwa woman, Francis Mike, harvesting wild rice in a boat on Totogatic Lake.

Parching Wild Rice

Date: 1907
Description: A Chippewa woman parching wild rice in Lac Vieux Desert. Lac Vieux Desert is a 4200 acre Michigan-Wisconsin boundary water in Vilas County.

Zizania aquatica

Date: 1854
Description: Increase Lapham's drawing of Zizania aquatica. The plant's common name is Northern Wild Rice.
Book or Pamphlet

Gathering Wild Rice

Date: 1884
Description: Three women in a canoe harvest wild rice.

Stoddard Harvesting Wild Rice

Date: 1941
Description: Joe Stoddard of the Chippewa tribe harvesting wild rice on the Bad River Indian Reservation.

Harvesting Wild Rice

Date: September 02 1966
Description: The caption on the reverse of this print explains: "Indians harvesting wild rice. Man poles rice boat while wife uses cedar ricing sticks and strips grain...
Map or Atlas

My Recollections of Jones Island and Vicinity

Date: 1848
Description: Pen-and-ink on paper. The title of the map is inscribed on the back. The map shows buildings, roads, marshes, wild rice, piles and docks, deep water, and o...

Wisconsin State Journal Staff Luncheon Prize Winning Recipes

Date: October 07 1957
Description: A person's hand holding a ladle is dipping into one of two crocks of seafood casserole (wild rice and fish) on a table decorated with place settings and a...

Wisconsin State Journal Recipe Contest

Date: October 11 1957
Description: Mrs. Harry Flemming preparing a seafood and wild rice luncheon. She is the grand prize winner of the casserole category in the Wisconsin State Journal's se...
Historical Object

Wisconsin Thematic Panel 12-18

Description: She didn't quite make clear what we were going to find when we got here
on the outer edge of worry
It wasn't Chinamen and it wasn't wild rice
A ha...

Ojibwe Treaty

Date: 1825
Description: This document, sometimes cited as the “Statement made by the Indians, a bilingual petition of the Chippewas of Lake Superior, 1864,” was carried by an Ojib...

Making Twine

Date: 1909
Description: Stereograph of three Native American men and a child, outdoors, in front of a wigwam. On the ground is a basket of materials. The man on the left is standi...

Central and Stout Manual Training Schools

Description: Central High School and Stout Manual Training School connected by pedestrian bridge. Two men are walking on the lawn towards the buildings. Text on back re...
Map or Atlas

Menominee Place Names Map

Date: 2013
Description: Map is the most extensive endeavor to date to accurately locate and document both prehistoric place names and natural features of the Menominee language wi...

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