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Wisconsin Architecture & History Inventory

Disclaimer for the Wisconsin Architecture & History Inventory

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The most up-to-date property information is now only on our new website.

Click the "View Collection" button below to view the new website in a new window or tab. Then use the property records search box on our Preserve Homes and Properties page.

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While every precaution is taken to ensure accuracy of data contained within the Architecture and History Inventory, this data is temporally static documentation. For example, properties may have been demolished, moved, or assigned new addresses since the record was created. It is not possible to maintain up-to-the-minute information on inventoried properties-nor is that the purpose of the database. Rather, the inventory is a reference tool with which one may commence research or other reviews into potentially significant historic properties located throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Inclusion in the Architecture and History Inventory conveys no special status or advantage; this inventory is merely a record of the property. Many properties are included merely for comparative purposes. Such included properties are not automatically eligible for any funding or other assistance. Finally, consultation of this inventory may not be sufficient to satisfy requirements of local, state or federal historic preservation statutes. If necessary, please contact the State Historic Preservation Office for additional information.

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