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Archaeology Programs

The Wisconsin Historical Society has several programs that serve to protect and interpret Wisconsin's archaeological resources.

The Office of the State Archaeologist protects archaeological sites in the state, especially those on public lands; serves as a clearinghouse for archaeological information; and conducts fundamental research to increase public understanding of the past. The office maintains the state records for Wisconsin archaeological sites, administers a program to provide tax exemptions for owners of archaeological sites, oversees a network of regional archaeology centers, administers survey and planning grants, and provides educational services. The Office of the State Archaeologist is concerned with both terrestrial and underwater sites, such as shipwrecks.

The Museum Archaeology Program provides research services, including, floral & faunal analysis, public archaeology and cultural resource management. Publications and educational materials are also available.

The Burial Sites Preservation Program provides technical expertise to tribal governments, law enforcement, landowners, and governmental agencies working to identify and protect human burials in compliance with Wisconsin Statute 157.70.


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