History Sandwiched In Author Appearance

History Sandwiched In - Wisconsin’s State Parks: Gateways to the Ancient Past

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

12:15-1 pm

EnlargeLake Superior from Big Bay State Park


Over the eons, Wisconsin has been the site of continental collisions, volcanic eruptions, mountain ranges, ancient seas, and crushing glaciers. Geologic events and processes of the distant past have shaped today’s varied landscapes in the state, influenced the evolution of ecosystems, and played a role in the development of human economies and cultures. By hiking the trails or driving the roads in many of Wisconsin’s state parks, we can journey through time and see evidence of our rich geologic and natural legacy. Scott Spoolman, author of Wisconsin State Parks: Extraordinary Stories of Geology and Natural History, will help you sample some of these journeys and interpret the evidence that scientists and historians have used to assemble a colorful and rich picture of Wisconsin’s ancient past. 

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