Wednesday Evening Lectures Special Event

Sue Lemieux: Ojibwe Perspectives on Water

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

7:00pm to 8:00pm

Sue Lemieux,  Bad River tribal member, educator, and Secretary of the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission will discuss the special place water holds in Ojibwe culture — especially for Ojibwe women.

Sue Lemieux Madeline Island Bad River Ojibwe Water

Sue Lemieux


As Brenda Child of the Red Lake Ojibwe tribe, Ph.D and professor in American Studies at the University of Minnesota, and author of Holding Our World Together: Ojibwe Women and the Survival of Community, has stated: 

"When early travelers and settlers observed indigenous women working, it would have involved a paradigm shift for them to appreciate that for the Ojibwe, water was a gendered space where women held property rights.

This notion of water as a gendered space may contribute to the relationship between Ojibwe women and water. We are taught that it is our duty as women to care for the water. The most important and essential element of life, water encircles our young in the womb and influences all life on earth."

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