Risking Everything: A Freedom Summer Exhibit for Students

Saturday, September 22, 2018 - Sunday, September 23, 2018

EnlargePhotograph of a woman approaching a courthouse with superimposed Freedom Summer logo

"Risking Everything: A Freedom Summer Exhibit for Students"

In the summer of 1964, 70,000 black Mississippi residents, mostly disenfranchised poor people, were joined by about 1,500 volunteers, mostly northern college students, as they attempted to register to vote and challenge segregation. Local police, state government and communitiy leaders fought back, trying to keep African Americans "in their place." Several residents and civil rights workers were murdered and hundreds were beaten or arrested. Widespread media coverage shocked the nation, leading nine months later to the 1965 voting rights act which finally broke the back of Jim Crow America.

Since 2014, "Risking Everything" has traveled to more than 50 venues around the nation and been seen by over 100,000 people. The sixteen panels of "Risking Everything" tell the story of Freedom Summer in simple language, with reproductions of 77 historic photographs and documents. The display is most suitable for secondary schools and the general public.


Milwaukee City Hall
200 E Wells St
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Milwaukee City Hall is open Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 5pm for Doors Open Milwaukee.