Speakers Bureau Author Appearance

Taking Flight

Thursday, April 18, 2019

5-7 pm

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Enlargetaking flight: a history of birds and people in teh heart of america

The Wisconsin Historical Society Speakers Bureau offers an exciting opportunity for our historians, curators and authors to visit your community and share the stories of our great state.

In this illustrated talk, author Michael Edmonds will discuss his new book, Taking Flight: A History of Birds and People in the Heart of America. Edmonds, Director of Programs and Outreach at the Wisconsin Historical Society and a long-time birder, will explain how and why people in the nation's heartland worshipped, feared, studied, hunted, ate, and protected the birds that surrounded them over the last 12,000 years. From ancient American Indian shamans to modern conservationists, our predecessors thought about and acted toward birds differently than we do.

Edmonds will share stories from his 30 years of research among unpublished manuscripts, rare books, archaeological reports, and historic places that led to Taking Flight. Whether you're a casual bird-watcher, a hard-core life-lister, or simply someone who loves the outdoors, you'll encounter new ways of thinking about birds, people, and the extraordinary history that connects them.


Neville Public Museum
210 Museum Pl
Green Bay, WI 54303