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Wisconsin in the Civil War

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Help for accessing this collection

  • To view bibliographic data for the document, click the drop-down at the upper left of the document viewer and choose "Document Description" from the drop down list. Then press "Go."
  • Bibliographic data for the document will appear on the right.
  • Copy and paste the bibliographic data into your preferred citation manager.
How to buy an image
  • Most images and maps are available for purchase as high-quality reproductions.
  • If the map or image is a stand-alone document, scroll to the description below the image or map. Then copy its title, and paste it into the keyword box at Wisconsin Historical Images and click the "Submit" button. Then click on the image in the results list and use the "Buy This Image" button below the picture to learn about pricing and place an order.
  • At this time, images and maps in books or newspaper clippings may not be available in Wisconsin Historical Images for purchase. If you encounter a map or image that is not available in Wisconsin Historical Images, please notify us using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page. We will inform you if we can make the image available for purchase.
Finding documents not online
  • Thousands of publications, images, and manuscripts about Wisconsin in the Civil War are not included online. They may be protected by copyright, too fragile to digitize, or unavailable online for other reasons. They are still available for in-person use.

    • To find books and other publications, use the Library Catalog (formerly MadCat), the University of Wisconsin-Madison's computer catalog.
    • To find unpublished manuscripts and government archives, use ArCat, the Wisconsin Historical Society's computer catalog of unpublished records.
Rights and Permissions

All material may be printed or downloaded at no cost for nonprofit educational use by teachers, students and researchers. Nothing may be reproduced in any format for commercial purposes without prior permission.

Sensitive Content

The original documents have not been censored or edited. They may contain language that many people today find offensive. For example, a wide variety of synonyms are used for "African-American" which to modern ears sound inflammatory. In the mid-19th century, however, most Americans did not find these terms offensive or even pejorative. Other documents contain vivid descriptions of horrifying cruelty, nauseating carnage during combat, or the revolting aftermath of battles. Teachers and parents should understand that young readers may be emotionally affected by these passages. Before using the collection in the classroom, educators should preview search results and be prepared for such situations.

Contact Us

If you need more help, email us. We can usually reply quite promptly. You'll find an "Email Us" button at the bottom of most pages.

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