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Director’s Column

                                        Do you know about the Beloit College
                                        Mindset List?

                                        Check the class of 2015 list at

Ellsworth H. Brown                      to learn more about this annual endeavor             Heritage, Every Generation Starts Over.” What is
The Ruth and Hartley Barker Director    that began in 1998 “to reflect the world view        even more remarkable than the labor and talent on
                                        of entering first-year students.” For example,       display in the mural is that it contains 128 square
  Columns                               members of the class of 2015 have always had         feet of pure heritage: Wisconsin memory,
                                        the Internet at their disposal, they have always     American memory, international memory. Sara
   Bob Granflaten, Editor               taken the word “online” for granted, and crossing    surveyed history teachers to determine the places,
   Composure Graphics, Designer         the digital divide has redefined how they access     people and events that should be represented
   Published bimonthly by the           information and conduct research. The list is eye-   or that complemented curriculum. Her survey
   Wisconsin Historical Society and     opening and provides the context for this short      revealed that educators simply regard some
   distributed to members as part       story and what the class of 2015 knows, and does     figures as “universal” — Shakespeare and Picasso,
   of their dues. Full membership       not know — except for the work of Sara Maly          for example.
   levels begin at $45 for individuals  and, thanks to her, the students coming out of
   and $65 for institutions (rates      Columbia County’s Lodi High School.                     Wisconsin is well represented, and you’d
   subject to change). To join or                                                            recognize the people, like “Fighting Bob” La
   for more information about              Two weeks ago Sara, who is now a freshman at      Follette and Father Jacques Marquette. You’d know
   membership, visit our website at     the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie       the other Americans and the “internationals”      (that’s right, the class of 2015), and her mother    like Mother Teresa and Gandhi too, all iconic.
   or contact the Membership            Margaret, my executive assistant, introduced me      I was struck by how unlikely and yet naturally
   Office at 888-748-7479, email        to a mural prominently displayed in one of the       the mural transfers American memory to a new
   whsmember@wisconsinhistory.          school’s halls. It is 8 feet high and 16 feet long.  generation, how most of us could name virtually
   org, or write to the Membership                                                           all figures on the wall, how much the 87 people
   Office at the address below.            The mural is remarkable, depicting 87 people      or the scenes that contain them are part of our
   Address inquiries about this         in 50 scenes, including those standing in a Great    common memory, ready to be retrieved and put
   publication to the editor, Columns.  Depression soup line, the four figures on Mount      to work maintaining a sense of identity and place
   Media may reprint any article        Rushmore and all four Beatles. All figures are       and nationhood.
   provided credit is given to the      recognizable. With a little help from school
   Wisconsin Historical Society and     volunteer Suzie Wimmer, Sara labored about four         The only images you might not connect with
   Columns. Periodicals postage         hours a day for a semester to produce the work.      at once are the Lodi Blue Devils logo and her cat
   paid at Madison, Wisconsin.                                                               Jeffrey, which Sara slipped into the mix. Let me
   Postmaster, send address                I have often quoted a sign that used to be        know if you find them. •
   changes to: Columns, Wisconsin       on a billboard just east of Janesville: “Without a
   Historical Society, 816 State
   Street, Madison, WI 53706.           Nominations to the Board of Curators

                                        The Nominating Committee of the Board of Curators nominates Society members for election to the board. Voting
                                        members of the Society may suggest a candidate for board service by submitting the candidate’s name and a brief
                                        resume to: Nominating Committee Chair, c/o Margaret Maly, Wisconsin Historical Society, 816 State Street, Madison, WI
                                        53706 or via email to

                                        Members may also nominate a prospective candidate by petition. In addition to its nominees, the Nominating Committee
                                        will place in nomination the name of any member presented to it by a petition signed by 25 members of the Society,
                                        provided that the signatures are gathered between January 31 and March 2 of each year and submitted to the
                                        committee by March 2.

                                        Upon request, any member seeking to prepare such a petition shall have access to the names and addresses of the
                                        Society’s members. A petition template is also available upon request. Such requests may be sent to the above-listed
                                        name and address.

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