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                                     T h e N e wsl e tt e r o f th e W i s c o ns i n H i st o r i c a l S o c i e t y
                                                                  Vol. 33 No. 3 | ISSN 0 196-1306 | May/June 2012

  In this issue:                                                                                               WHI 52099

          3                      The Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, housed at the
                                 Wisconsin Historical Society, holds more than 300 manuscript collections
                  Forward!       and 25,000 motion pictures. Among those films are more than 60 titles
                  Campaign       shot on corrosive nitrate film, making them a fire threat. To learn what the
                  News           Society and the University of Wisconsin-Madison are doing to deal with the
                                 problem films, see the story on page 10.

                  Life on the
                  Farm at
                  Old World


                 Former Society
                 Director James
                 Morton Smith
                 Dies at 92

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Collecting, Preserving
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Since 1846
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