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                              THE NEWSLETTER of the WISCONSIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY


 4 	 Herzfeld Foundation          Blurb.
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      and Wisconsin
      Humanities Council       DOCUMENTING POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS:
      Help Shoreline
      Communities Discover     From Buttons to Bits and Bytes
      Wisconsin’s Water Story
                               Coming of age in Ohio during the 1950s and 1960s, James Baughman
 2 	 Director’s Letter         developed a passion for both the Cleveland Indians and presidential
                               campaigns. The youngster’s dual hobbies offered a good window
 5 	 In memoriam:              into the American experience.
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      Allan G. Bogue
      (1921-2016)                                         VOL. 37 NO. 4 ISSN 0196-1306 • NOVEMBER 2016-JANUARY 2017

	 John A. Peters
	 Fellowship Recipient

      Visits Society to
      Expand Research

 6 	 Research on Milwaukee’s

      Civil Rights Movement
      Spawns Additional

 7 	 Recent Additions,

      State Register of
      Historic Places

10 	 What’s on

      Our Bookshelf

11 	 Luck Area

      Historical Society

	 Society Offers New Slate
	 of Webinars

13 	 Rolling History Caravan

      of the 1950s

14 	 Take a Step Back in Time

      This Holiday Season

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