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Programs for Government Agencies

Protection and Preservation of Historic Places

You might already know that the Office of Preservation Planning has review authority under state and federal historic preservation laws, rules and regulations that may be applicable in a situation where a historic property is endangered by demolition or significant loss of integrity, through "remodeling", construction, or other activities. We would be pleased to discuss with you our state and federal statutory authority with respect to your particular project, and what role you may play to assist in achieving the goal of protection and preservation of historic properties.

If you are working currently on a federal project, please go to our Web page to learn about our new § 106 submittal process.
Whether you need information concerning state or federal laws and regulations that may be applicable in your case, whether you need information on grassroots strategies for preserving and protecting historic properties, or whether you need information on how you may protect and preserve your own historic property, we can help. Whatever your historic preservation needs, we look forward to hearing from you and to working with you soon. To contact the OPP, please send an email message to Chip Brown.


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