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Wisconsin's Major Historic Preservation Statutes

In Wisconsin, there are many laws pertaining to historic properties (including archeological sites, historic buildings and other structures, landscapes, human burial sites and statuary). Several statutes prescribe review processes when governmental actions may affect historic properties. While other statutes provide for the establishment of ordinances and commissions by local units of government, allowing their direct involvement with and review of historic preservation issues in their communities. Still other statutes establish incentive programs for preserving or rehabilitating historic properties. Finally, other laws criminalize certain activities affecting historic properties and prescribe the penalties that may result therefrom.

It is important to understand that in addition to the state laws of Wisconsin, there are state administrative rules, federal laws and regulations, and local ordinances that speak to historic preservation issues and pertain to historic properties. However, for your use and information, we have created a compendium of the primary state historic preservation laws in Wisconsin. This document may be accessed, downloaded or printed from the following pdf file.

To search or review all of the laws of Wisconsin, please use the following link.


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