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The Wisconsin Historical Society provides GIS data to requestors as a subscription or for single use. Data sets are provide in ArcView shapefile format and are projected to WTM 83/91. The data sets available are: Archaeological Sites, Archaeological Surveys, and Historic Properties. GIS data is also viewable through the WHPD online database. There are 3 options for the purchase of GIS data.

1) Shapefile Subscription for Regions
GIS data sets are provided on a quarterly basis. Fee: $1495 per year.
2) Shapefile Subscription for Units of Government (county or smaller)
GIS data sets are provided on a semiannual basis. Fee: $239 per year.
3) Customized shapefile for one-time (short term) use
GIS data sets are provided one time only. The requestor defines the area and may request additional data fields to be included as attributes. Fee: $239.

If you would like to make a request for GIS data, please read through our License Agreement for Digital Geographic Datasets and fax your signed form to us along with a completed request form to the Division of Historic Preservation at (608) 264-6504 .

Upon receipt of this form, the GIS Coordinator will begin working on your request and will contact you directly regarding questions.

If you have any questions, please contact the GIS Coordinator directly at

WHPD GIS Data Request Form (PDF) 85KB)

WHPD License Agreement for Digital Geographic Datasets  (PDF, 81KB)


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