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Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database

The Wisconsin Historical Society collects and organizes information regarding historic structures, archaeological sites and burials located within the state. The Division of Historic Preservation is the official state clearinghouse and repository for records pertaining to all such properties, and is by statute responsible for administering, managing, and preserving this information.

This information is accessible online through our Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database (WHPD). The WHPD application allows users to search the most up-to-date versions of the Society's database inventories, including the Archaeological Sites Inventory (ASI), Architectural History Inventory (AHI), and the Bibliography of Archaeological Reports (BAR).

With access to WHPD, a user can:

  • Search all 3 database inventories with one license
  • Search and display lists of sites according to locational and/or resource characteristics
  • View complete individual site records
  • View dynamic maps of site locations thanks to the latest in Internet Map Server (IMS) technology
  • Research historic properties and archaeological sites


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