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Domestic Corporations, 1848-1945

  • Official Title: Incorporation Papers of Defunct Domestic Corporations
  • Dates Covered: 1848-1945
  • Call Number: Series 356

These are records of for-profit businesses, large and small, which were incorporated under the laws of Wisconsin. The records contain the original articles of incorporation and amendments and sometimes also include dissolution documents. Beginning in 1905, the files also contain annual reports, documents showing changes in officers, and miscellaneous documents.

Search by full or partial corporation name and/or by county. This is an AND search. Leaving the County blank will search corporations from all Wisconsin Counties. Leaving the Name of Corporation blank, but adding a county, will produce a list of all domestic corporations registered for a given county.

Name of Corporation:

Important information about the index:
  • The index shows the corporate ID number and the box number where the records are stored
  • Viewing or requesting copies from the records requires the call number (Series 356), corporate ID number and box number
  • The index covers corporations that became defunct before 1946, either for failure to file required documents, or by formal dissolution

More information on the Domestic Corporations records:
  • The records themselves are not online. Only the index is online.
  • Through articles of incorporation and amendments the files provide a summary overview of the purpose of the corporation. Also available in the records are names and addresses of corporate officers and directors, and approximate date at which the corporation ceased doing business.
  • The annual reports in this series are brief and are on pre-printed forms provided by the Secretary of State's office.
  • The files seldom provide descriptions or details of the products manufactured by a corporation.
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